What is This City Knows about?

This City Knows (Website) is a virtual memoir, creative lab and platform for writers, artists, photographers, travellers who all together share personal memories from their journeys to foreign countries or their hometowns.
Together, we re-discover our urban realms through sharing impressions, thoughts, souvenirs, postcards and feelings. Therefore, This City Knows is a collection, nostalgia, re-collection, subversion, re-writing of the public spaces, re-positioning, seen from the human eye & felt from the human heart.

Who can post?

Our initiative is opened to all creative & talented minds. Along with us, you can share, prepare, edit and contribute to our virtual memoirs. As an open innovation platform, we are eager to collaborate with you and feature you as an author of original articles and photography, or engage you and recognize you as This City Knows Featured Artist, Writer or Narrator!

What can I post about?

You can post about your personal memories that you have collected from your livelihood in a specific city – your hometown, your college town, a place where you have done Erasmus exchange, where you have gone for a vacation, backpacked – you name it!

What’s the purpose of your post?

Your purpose is to share personal insight from a new place you have discovered, to educate, give a travel tip or simply inspire. On a further note, to remind the public about something that has been forgotten, that you personally see that is missing from the place where you have lived. To challenge something that you do not approve is happening in your urban environment. To appreciate a good practice that has been established. Again – you name your purpose!

Are my submissions protected (authority rights)?

This City Knows reserves all rights for all published contents at the platform. This means that any copying, transferring, reproduction, reuse or stealing of materials that are being published at the website is not allowed.

Kindly also remember that by submitting any type of creative output to (articles, photos, videos or else), you agree that the content does not infringe or violate someone else’s copyrights. You also grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to publicly display your User Content.
Therefore, your submissions as an author of an article or photography are under the copyright of the This City Knows initiative – Please also note that your submission should be original, and not published elsewhere on the internet.

Can I share content from This City Knows to other webpages?

Sharing contents from is not allowed [prohibited] without the permission of the editorial board of the platform. If you wish to share and transfer any content from our web platform, please ask for permission via our contact form. On a further note, if allowed, all shared content from our web platform must be given appropriate attributions.

Where can I submit my post?

You can submit your post via our web-tool “My City” (click here).
Before filling in the form to submit your post, make sure you have carefully read the brief descriptions that we have provided for you about each of the platform’s categories.

Why we insist on personal memories?

We do insist on you sharing personal memories, as by sharing personal memories, you denote if your memory about a particular public space is happy or unhappy. This way, you help us follow and measure the index of happiness in your hometown, the city where you have moved in, backpacked or travelled to for a holiday.

Do we have editorial rules?

We do not have any ‘rules’, but we do have principles. An important editorial principle that is recommended for you to follow – is to use the words “this city knows…” once you prepare and make your original submission. You can also do wordplay with it [this-city-knows-not, this-city-has, this-city-does-not-know-of, this-city-has-not…]. Through using such wordplay, you indicate if you share a happy or an unhappy memory, if you promote or demote a public space. It all counts & that’s how you help us measure the index of happiness for the city you are writing about!

Is there a word limit to my submission?

Not really. We do not want to limit your creativity. Your writing can be as long as you wish. It is preferred though to follow our editorial principle where we ask you to do a wordplay of “this-city-knows” somewhere in your writing. It is also good if you are being careful whilst choosing the category under which you would like your submission to be featured. For example, if you choose to post under Imago, these are shorter posts [up to 300 words] where we focus on photography posts. If for example you choose Nostalgia, here we would like to hear a story from you [up to 800 words or more].

Will somebody preview my submission before it is published?

Yes, one of our editors will preview and edit your submission as needed. The editor will revise your text and will correct you (grammar interventions, selection of the appropriate category etc), but will not change any meaning from your text. The editor is also able to make remarks and further revisions on your writing and contact you if he/she has a proposal of how your writing can be improved and boosted.

The editor keeps the right to not feature your submission if it:

  • is proved to be not-original content that is featured already elsewhere on the internet; or if the content does not have appropriate attributions/consent;
  • promotes hate speech towards any community/ country/ city /person across the world;
  • stimulates fanaticism which includes, but is not limited to religious, political, sectarian fanaticism;
  • is a harassment of another person;
  • exploits people in a sexual or violent manner;
  • contains or promotes nudity, and link to adult web sites;
  • promotes information which are false and misleading, or which promote illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;
  • promotes any criminal activity (pornography, trafficking, child abuse, drug dealing, gambling etc),  or enterprise, or provides instructional information about illegal activities including, however not limited to violating someone’s privacy, buying illegal weapons, creating computer viruses;

Are there other aspects that add to the index of happiness that we measure?

Yes, there are! All comments and engagements to your memory are valid, and will be considered right before we publish a list of TOP 20 happiest cities in Europe / throughout the world, on 31st December, each year!

What is a virtual memoir?

A virtual memoir is a deluxe edition that we feature on our web-platform on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. A deluxe edition can be dedicated for a specific city across our planet [London, Dublin, San Francisco], or for a specific era in the history [Yugoslavia, Soviet times etc.] These types of memoirs are hot aggregates and re-collections of memories, chosen by the editorial board of our platform, where also you are invited to contribute and co-create.

How can I contact you?

You can contact our team by using the contact form available here. You can also private message us through our Facebook page here.



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