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This City Knows is an independent initiative where we create virtual memoirs of cities, public spaces, urban realms and environments. While we curate part of the creative process, you are also invited to share your own personal impressions, either from your home city, or a place where you have traveled. In fact, we would be delighted to hear from you, by filling in the My City form below. 

Before you submit, shortly go through what’s each of our categories about. You can also learn more about work by reading through our about us section or the FAQ.

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Cities are public space that are continually being the subject of change. The city you once lived 10 years ago, is not the same one any longer. Ten years ago everything seemed different, right? Today it’s all very different, too. What is it that you miss about your home city? Perhaps, that can be one of the question you can answer under our first category.


Imago is about what impressed you instantly, either at your home city or when you have been exploring around. But what was that instance that captured your attention – if it was a graffitti – pick “street art“, and if it’s a great shot you captured that unravels the unseen beauty of that city, upload under “photography“. You reserve all credits as author.

Urban Trekker

Got lost in tidy Ljubljana or thought of few reasons why Trieste is not Italian? Did you spend dozens of hours observing the local people and customs, so now you wish to put your conclusions in a nice article? Urban Trekker is about your urban adventures, getting lost, falling in love, breaking stereotypes, finding the right place where you can taste local cuisine, exploring local dishes and much more.

Virtual Memoirs

In 2016, we opened our first virtual memoirs about San Francisco, Dublin , London and one of our home cities, Skopje. The purpose of the virtual memoirs is to carefully collect and highlight some important stories about the cities in question. These stories can either be historic narratives, or can also tell about important events relevant to the city.

Weird Laws 

In China, supposedly, it is forbidden for people to reincarnate, and in Samoa, it’s crime if you forget your wife’s birthday. All of us have some unique kind of establishments, legislatives and cultural customs. We would love to hear about what’s weird in terms of law at your side of the world. We will take the effort to design a special This City Knows for you.

We are open to collaborate with you, include you as a guest writer and help you grow your network with us. Should you have any questions, don’t be shy – we will quickly answer at

P.S. By submitting any material to This City Knows, you retain being the author of your content. We can also feature a short biography about you that you can feel free to send over our e-mail mentioned above.

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