Dreadpen: "I steal photos and draw on them."

Dreadpen: “I steal photos and draw on them.”

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old hotel buildings Bitola Skopje

November 10, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 272 Imago, Photography

Old hotel buildings in Bitola and Skopje

Who owned them and what kind of travelers stayed in them? Some of these hotels had survived floods and earthquakes; some didn’t. They had once flourished with life, but now are only ghosts of the past. Check the photos below and share in the comments if you know any story about them:

The building of the hotel Liberté, Bitola 1909

Hotel Syntagma Bitola, before the First World War

Hotel Bosnia in Bitola. Photo by the Manakis brothers

The south facade of the Hotel Bristol in Skopje. The year is unknown.

Hotel Moskva, Skopje 

 Meeting of citizens in Skopje. In the back: the building of Hotel Beli Orao

Hotel Sarajevo, Skopje

Taken during the Skopje’s flooding in 1962 on St. Nikola Vaptsarov. Hotel Macedonia towards the square

Hotel Macedonia, before the earthquake

Hotel Macedonia after the 1963 earthquake in Skopje

Clearing the ruins of Hotel Macedonia

Following the earthquake, there was nothing left from Hotel Skopje either

We also thought to remind you of the 1979 Montenegro earthquake and how it affected Yugoslavia’s golden vacation resort.


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