vintage postcards

Postcards from the old world

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

The Berlin Wall – Good Thing Today It’s Street...

vintage postcards

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Round the world with some more vintage postcards

People have mailed cards with personally written messages ever since the introduction of postal services. It is considered that the earliest known postcard (with image and all) was a hand-painted design on a card and posted in Fulham in London by intellectual Theodore Hook. He had the ‘postcard’ posted to himself, and he likely did that as a practical joke on the postal service, since the image mocked post office workers. Little did he knew his card would be purchased for astonishing £31,750 fast forward in time in 2002.

The world is now past the point of euphoria of postcards, but the worth of postcards as memorabilia lingers on:

A postcard can sometimes be a window to the world. Greetings from Mexico!


From Vanuatu, an island nation in the Pacific consisting of roughly 80 islands


When Bermudians celebrate the end of winter, they go swimming. Anyhow, their festivities are something not to miss


Guadalajara is the 10th largest city in Latin America in population, urban area, and gross domestic product. It has beautiful architecture too


Of its 17,508 islands, only around 6,000 are inhabited by people.


Although the Great Sphinx is one of the oldest and biggest statues in the world, we still speculate some basic facts about it, such as when it was built, by whom and what was its purpose

Did you know? Postcard collecting is called Deltiology!

Stories from Giza: Once upon a time, the Sphynx also had a nose, but it was reportedly destroyed by a man named Muhammad Sa’im al-Dahr


Mexico, remnants of the great Maya civilization. Chichen Itza was one of their largest cities


People of Hong Kong. The name translates to Fragrant Harbor


Cape Point, the promontory at the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa


Postcard from Costa Rica depicting a beautiful toucan on it. Its outrageously big and long beak, actually helps the bird cool in the heat of the tropical day.

Here are some more vintage postcards you can check

Postcards collection contributor: Gabriela Stachurska Goseva


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