Copenhagen Knows It is UNbearABLE ,This City Knows

Copenhagen Knows It is UNbearABLE

Vincent Van Gogh Bike Lane, This City Knows

The Netherlands Knows of a Bike Lane Inspired by...

Street Art from Helsingør, Denmark

July 20, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 623 Imago, Street Art

Street Art from Helsingør, Denmark

An art sculpture in Helsingør, Denmark

Marine life is the first victim of sea and ocean pollution around the world. This Danish sculpture makes a perfect reminder of that. Some of the ocean pollution visible to human eye includes floating plastic, oil spills, and trash. Plastic appears as the most common ocean pollutants, as the substance does not break down rapidly and marine life often consumes it after mistaking it for food. In addition, over one million of seabirds each year die from ocean pollution. And that’s only the effect of visible water pollutants.

Just recently, it has been shown that even the most remote places on the planet suffer from extraordinarily high levels of pollutants. The presence of manmade chemicals in the 10 km deep Mariana trench shows that nowhere is safe from human impact.


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