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November 17, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 105 Urban Trekker

The Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations in The World

Article by Elena Tahora 

From an African safari to a villa in Malta, here are five of the top luxury travel destinations in the world. Each different location has something unique to offer, depending on what type of luxury holiday you are looking for.

Although the definition of luxury travel is constantly changing and can be different from person to person, most agree on a few things. These days, luxury travel tends to be about more about the experience, though many people still want to have a comfortable place to stay that also has good hospitality and service. Together, these aspects are all part of luxury travel today. With that in mind, here are the top five luxury travel destinations in the world.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a unique travel destination because it is full of islands that have their own histories, languages, and focuses on tourists. From luxury on St. Barth and St. Lucia to more outdoor-oriented St. Martin, there is an island for everyone to enjoy. The Caribbean also boasts a wide variety of luxury resorts and villas available for guests, with a different selection on each island. All in all, the Caribbean is a tropical paradise that should be on your luxury travel bucket list.

The UK

Luxury travel in Europe tends to have a focus on traditional luxury travel. In London, England, for example, there are a wide variety of hotels that have a reputation for being hospitable to their visitors. These hotels include The Langham, London and The Corinthia London. In addition to a wide variety of hotels with excellent service and elegant rooms, London also boasts wonderful stage performances that are known throughout the world. Museums, fashion, and architecture work with the luxury hotels to make London a place not to be missed.

The Mediterranean

If a luxury villa in the Mediterranean is what you are looking for, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There is a host of luxury villas available for rent. Look for luxury villas in Malta, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and anywhere in the beautiful Mediterranean. You can enjoy sun, sea, and luxury. Many luxury villas have their own private pool and access to a private beach, so check out luxury villa companies and find a suitable villa that fits your budget.


For some people, luxury travel is more about the experience. Several places offer exciting experiences that have a different type of luxury. In Tanzania, the Asilia Highlands is near a game preserve that has a very high level of biodiversity, while also having an opportunity to learn more about local culture, which has existed for thousands of years. Although guests stay in tents, the tents have running water, organic meals, and a fully stocked bar.

South Africa

Another luxurious outdoor experience is a safari in South Africa. A safari can take place in a variety of places and styles, but luxury safaris offer guests a chance to go on safari and not sacrifice any of the things that they are accustomed to, like a warm shower. Often, luxury safaris have similar camps to the Asilia Highlands, or the safari group stays in a luxury hotel or villa.

luxury travel destinations

Elena writes articles for  She has travelled extensively throughout the world, and is fond of taking luxury vacations.


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