Will you remember Dolores O'Riordan?

Will you remember Dolores O’Riordan?

vintage postcards

Round the world with some more vintage postcards

vintage postcards

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Postcards from the old world

Greetings from the old days, of no internet, of relentless travelers who sent in postcards from different corners of the globe. When we couldn’t use Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or Facebook to instant message any of our relatives and friends back home that we have arrived safe and sound. Not that travel has lost its glamour in the meantime, but it has somehow lost a slice of authenticity, and the experience frequently comes with the haunting danger that one would end up exploring only the hot touristic zones with copycat souvenirs of only the most famous of landmarks. It’s also less often that we will mail postcards to each other these days.

This small selection of vintage postcards is ready to induce nothing but some nostalgia for the old way of traveling. Thanks Gabi for the compilation!

Fruit & vegetable market, Shahrah-e-Iqbal (Chowk Qandhari Bazar), Quetta, Pakistan


Lohari Gate of the Mogul Dynasty at Lahore, Pakistan


Giza, Egypt


Jerusalem, Old City


Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate, and The Citadel


Abu Simbel, on the south of Egypt


Postcard from Boro Budur in Central Java, one of the world’s largest Buddhist monuments


Street vendors & street life in old Hong Kong


Vintage postcard from Barcelona, showing some of Gaudi’s timeless work


The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront of Cape Town, a city on water that today is running out water

Check a related story about Cape Town, the first major city in the developed world to run out of water

Contributor: Gabriela Stachurska Goseva


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