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We are an independent team of creatives, who roam around the planet, always in search of new cities and places to visit and explore. We came up with the idea about This City Knows in Skopje, though we launched the platform from Prague. Whether you question where we might be next month, and from where we will send you out new stories – we are certain to say – we really don’t know.

What’s This City Knows about?

This City Knows is a web-project and platform where we collect and share stories about cities, personal memories, postcards, interviews with like-minded people who travel and explore new places. We are slightly more interested in hearing personal experiences, authentic endeavors, and narratives that can really help us explore the local culture of a certain place.

It’s a platform where we create (along with you) virtual memoirs that can take us on a real virtual voyage around our lovely planet. Through the contents we curate, write and feature, we aim at tackling new perspectives on culture and history, derived from authentic/individual opinions, recollections, and beliefs vs. popular and politically distributed narratives.

Our interest is to dig deeper and see how we as humans emotionally connect with specific urban spaces. To hear individual stories about certain public places, where we altogether share the same emotions: happiness, sadness, nostalgia… Such approach enables us to access new, uncensored, unfiltered, genuine image/picture/impression that people have towards their own/other culture, nation, history and collective memory.

We believe that such approach opens brand new perspectives, much needed, in times when city life goes under profound and accelerated changes each year. Indeed, public spaces are continually being changed, reshaped, reshuffled, edited, redesigned, coded, decoded, demolished, blanched. In this sense, traditional city narratives fail to encapture the essence of the collective memory of a certain city, and the spectacles through which we see life in some places is often “unclean” and “dirty.” Our counter-narratives boldly challenge such set views and “clean” the spectacles through which we observe city culture, exploring the “unseen” traits and “unfamiliar” aspects about our home-cities.

Especially through sharing memories, we aim to decode our reality, enrich our collective memory and influence the cultural politics of our communities, both in local and global context. In this sense, This City Knows is much about the real knowledge, the accurate perspectives, the individual voice and healthy criticism that will enable us to better evaluate our cultures and cities.

Submit your story

Aside from our editorial team who prepares fresh contents on weekly/monthly basis, you are most welcome to join us and help us fill in the “time capsules” seeded on our page.

You can submit your story/personal memory from a city you have traveled to/visited in the past and narrate your experience. You can do this by using the “My City” submission form.  In case you worry that might not a good writer, but still, have some good stories to share – worry not. Send us the buzz at and our team can work with you and curate what you wish to share with the public. We can also feature your work if you are a photographer or street artists, respectively through our Imago section on the platform.

Should you fill in and complete the submission form at My City, please have in mind that the submission will not be automatically posted. Our editors will take the moment to first review it, contact you for editorial remarks if need be, and publish under your designated author/avatar name. If you wish to submit multiple submission under your author/avatar name, please makes sure you do insert the same e-mail.

Everybody plays the game

To keep our narratives more lively and authentic, we oftentimes make use of specific wordings while curating the contents. For instance, using the phrase “this city knows…”, or similar ones such as “this city has…”, “this city doesn’t know of…”, “this city knows not…” can help you out indicate if the personal memory you share is a happy or unhappy one. Using such phrases also helps us gain more insight into how happy citizen you are, especially if you write about your home city.

Each 31st of December, based on your submission and our research as a team, we publish a list of happiest cities in the world. Eligible to enter this list are only cities that have been featured in our contents throughout the year.

Welcome to the This City Knows! Let’s play the game!

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