Places to Go Swimming in Courchevel, France For Off-Season Visits

Ski boots out, water shoes in! This blog takes you away from the slopes as we plunge into some of the most exhilarating places to go swimming in Courchevel, France

A woman soaking in an indoor swimming pool in Courchevel, France

Courchevel might be synonymous with skiing, and you might think that the fun here is just confined to the slopes. We’re here to prove you otherwise.

Far beyond the ski lifts and cozy chalet fires, Courchevel unfolds into a summer paradise, offering a surprising array of swimming spots that are perfect for cooling off after a warm day under the alpine sun. From luxurious water parks to tranquil mountain lakes, this prestigious resort transforms into a watery wonderland, inviting swimmers and sunbathers alike.

So, if you’re ready to trade your ski poles for swimming goggles, stick with us as we dive into the best places to go swimming in Courchevel. This tourism hotspot promises aquatic adventures that are just as thrilling as the downhill runs!

Dive Into Wellness: Swimming in Aquamotion Courchevel

Looking for more than just a dip? Aquamotion Courchevel isn’t just the typical place to go swimming in Courchevel. Located smack in the heart of the French Alps, this place is where fun meets health in a splashy symphony of water activities. And if you ask the locals what Aquamotion is in a few words, most of them would probably say it’s their alpine wellness wonderland.

Start your adventure in the Aqualudique area, where the water is always just right, and the slides aren’t just slides—they’re an invitation to let loose and laugh. Fancy a float? Drift along the lazy river and let your worries wash away.

But it’s not just all fast currents here; tranquility reigns supreme in the Aquawellness area as well. Imagine easing into a spa session or soaking up the bliss in a balneotherapy treatment—sounds heavenly, right?

And if you’re craving for a little adrenaline, why not take on the indoor surf wave or scale the climbing wall? Here, it’s all about getting active, challenging yourself, and having a ball while you’re at it! And because wellness isn’t just about moving but also about munching, the seasonal cuisine served also feeds your soul just as well as it does your stomach.

Now if you’re thinking, “Can I stay here forever?” Well, why not extend the vibe at White 1921 Courchevel? Just a quick hop from Aquamotion, this upscale hotel is perfect for laying your head after a day of swimming, dining, and maybe a little pampering. It’s definitely your go-to for easy access to both Aquamotion’s delights and Courchevel’s snowy slopes!

Courchevel’s Unique Swimming Spots: Natural & Man-Made Lakes

When the snow melts, more fascinating places to go swimming in Courchevel are revealed, turning the region into a perfect picnic-and-paddle paradise.

Ready to plunge into the less icy side of Courchevel? 

Let’s splash through the best spots to get your feet wet.

Our first stop, The magical Lac de la Rosière. Nestled in a forested embrace, this lake is the jewel of Courchevel’s summer scene. With crystal-clear waters and surrounding hiking trails, it’s ideal for those who love a swim with a view. And for families? The nearby picnic spots truly make it a hit for an all-day outing. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and your favorite floatie!

Not far from the alpine paths, the man-made lake at Courchevel Moriond (1650) transforms into a buzzing hub of summer activities. Whether you’re up for paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply soaking up the sun by the water’s edge, this lake has you covered. It’s a spot where water lovers of all ages can make a splash and cool off in style.

Once you’re ready to dry off and dream away, do check in at the nearby Hotel Water’s Edge. Okay, that’s not its real name, but the Le Strato Hotel in Courchevel 1850 feels just like that! 

This charming hotel offers cozy accommodations with breathtaking balcony views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. It’s a stone’s throw from the lakes, giving you every reason to go from bed to beach mode in minutes.

The turquoise waters of Lac de la Rosière, a natural swimming spot in Courchevel
The turquoise waters of Lac de la Rosière, a natural swimming spot in Courchevel

Discover More Places To Go Swimming in Courchevel with ThisCityKnows

So, there you have it! Whether it’s the wellness wonders of Aquamotion or the natural beauty of Courchevel’s lakes, this destination proves that it’s more than just a winter playground. 

Why limit yourself to the ski slopes when you can make a splash in some of the most beautiful waters in the French Alps? 

Of course, with ThisCityKnows as your guide, you’re all set to explore the best places to go swimming in Courchevel, France, and discover all the aquatic adventures that await.

Your next move? Pack your swimwear along with your ski gear and prepare for a holiday that’s both refreshing and rejuvenating!

P.S. Feel free to share your splashing stories with us; we love seeing how our travelers turn their trips into unforgettable memories!

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