Wedding Venues in Courchevel, France: Say “I Do” With A View

Exchange vows amidst the snowy peaks with these enchanting wedding venues in Courchevel, France. Discover where fairy-tale endings begin in the heart of the French Alps!

A newly-wed couple sharing a kiss with the French Alps as their backdrop

Winter weddings are having a moment, and it’s easy to see why when you picture tying the knot in Courchevel. Wrapped in a blanket of snow, this gem in the French Alps offers a dreamy backdrop that’s perfect for saying “I do.”

Think of those snowflakes gently falling around you, adding a touch of magic to your special day. And with twinkling village lights and cozy chalets dotting the landscape, the setting couldn’t be more romantic.

Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony by a fireplace or a grand affair with the Alps as your backdrop, Courchevel turns wedding dreams into realities.

Fancy starting your forever in a snowy paradise? 

Let’s explore the best wedding venues in Courchevel to make your big day as enchanting as the setting!

Where Romance Meets Grandeur: Luxury Wedding Venues in Courchevel

When it comes to luxury, Courchevel plays in the big leagues, especially for weddings.

Imagine saying your vows at the L’Apogée Courchevel—a venue that combines five-star service with stunning mountain views. Located at the very top of Courchevel 1850, this venue exudes opulence and panoramic scenery that’s utterly surreal. Picture an outdoor ceremony on their expansive terrace, overlooking the snow-covered slopes, followed by a reception in their elegant ballroom.

Not far behind in grandeur is Hotel Les Airelles, resembling a snow-covered castle. This venue provides an exquisitely romantic setting with interiors that echo a bygone era of aristocratic elegance. Imagine your winter wedding here, complete with horse-drawn carriage arrivals and an opulent ballroom decked with crystal chandeliers.

And for a truly unique experience, consider the Courchevel Altiport. Here, you can exchange vows right on the runway, with the Alpine skyline stretching infinitely as your backdrop. Transform the hangar into a luxurious banquet hall where runway lights serve as your stars—perfect for couples looking for a show-stopping venue.

Yet another exquisite option is the Hotel Le Strato, which combines modern luxury with intimate settings. Its renowned restaurant and exceptional service make it a fabulous choice for couples who appreciate contemporary style and five-star dining.

Private & Dreamy: Intimate Wedding Spots in Courchevel

Now if you’re leaning towards a more intimate wedding, Courchevel also has some truly enchanting spots. 

Take Le Chabichou, for example. This hotel makes a cozy nook offering a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for those smaller, heartfelt ceremonies. Picture celebrating your love surrounded by close family and friends, with delectable French cuisine to top off the experience.

Then there’s La Sivolière, hidden among the pines. It’s more than just its rustic charm that wins hearts; it’s the personalized, homely vibe that makes each wedding feel like a family gathering. Plus, its Michelin-starred dishes ensure your special day is as delicious as it is memorable.

Meanwhile, consider the Hotel Annapurna for a rustic wedding vibe. Situated on a quiet slope, it offers privacy and panoramic views, along with a sun-drenched terrace perfect for a small summer wedding.

But if you’re planning to have a traditional wedding ceremony, why not say your vows at the Saint-Bon-Tarentaise Church? Built in 1955, this masterpiece is a magnificent example of Savoyard baroque architecture, offering a vintage setting for your special day.

And for your reception? Consider a luxury ski chalet like Chalet Reine. Nestled close to the village, it offers a blend of opulence and privacy, making it an ideal spot to continue your celebrations. Just imagine sipping champagne with your guests as you take in the panoramic mountain views from its expansive terraces—now that’s a reception to remember!

Wedding guests inside an expansive ski chalet in Courchevel
Wedding guests inside an expansive ski chalet in Courchevel

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Courchevel with ThisCityKnows

Can’t wait to say “I do” in one of the most breathtaking locations on earth?

Courchevel indeed offers a stunning array of wedding venues, from luxurious peaks to intimate chapels, ensuring your big day is as enchanting as your love story.

And whether you envision a grand affair or a cozy gathering, ThisCityKnows is here to guide you—from planning your trip to Courchevel to making sure your special day is nothing short of spectacular. Together, we’ll ensure every detail reflects your style and exceeds your expectations.

The next step? Finalize your guest list and start writing your wedding vows—because Courchevel is ready to play its part in your love story!

Let’s make your wedding dreams a reality with ThisCityKnows!

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