Top Adventure Activities in Courchevel, France (No Matter The Season)

From carving through powdery slopes to biking down the lush mountain trails, let’s discover together some of the best adventure activities in Courchevel that keep the adrenaline pumping through the seasons!

A hot-air balloon with the snow-covered mountains of Courchevel in the background
A hot-air balloon with the snow-covered mountains of Courchevel in the background

When you hear Courchevel, does your mind immediately jump to world-class skiing and luxurious winter getaways? Well, us too.

But while this region is more popular for its snowy slopes, Courchevel’s charm certainly doesn’t melt away with the snow. Year-round, Courchevel serves up a thrilling cocktail of adventure activities that cater to adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike.

From snowboarding down vast white landscapes in the winter to paragliding over verdant valleys in the summer, this ski resort is a constant playground for all types of adventurers. Every visit here promises a new challenge, whether it’s conquering rugged mountain trails or exploring serene alpine lakes.

With that said, buckle up as we explore the myriad of activities to satisfy your thrill-seeking spirit in Courchevel throughout the seasons—because, thanks to ThisCityKnows, the adventure never ends here!

Winter Activities in Courchevel, France

Yes… Courchevel in winter is a snowy wonderland that goes way beyond standard skiing. Sure, you can hit the slopes. However, why not amp up the adventure with some truly epic winter activities in Courchevel sans the typical treats?

We suggest you start with heli-skiing. As the name suggests, you’ll be whisked away by a helicopter to the untouched snowy peaks of Saulire or the pristine backcountry near Les Creux. It’s skiing, but with the adrenaline dosage amped up to 11. 

Okay, we may have jumped the gun too quickly on that one. How about a snowshoeing trek through the tranquil pine forests around Le Praz? Or, better yet, test your mettle with ice climbing on the frozen waterfalls at La Tania? Both activities will surely provide a unique perspective of Courchevel’s natural beauty, wrapped in the silence of winter.

Now for something a bit more laid back but equally enchanting, we recommend trying a moonlit sled ride. Imagine being pulled by powerful huskies, across the snowy plains near Moriond. It’s just like stepping into a snowy fairy tale, complete with starry skies and pristine white landscapes.

For the romantics in all of us, nothing beats a hot air balloon ride over the snow-capped Alps, offering breathtaking views that are sure to amp up the awe-factor.

Then when it’s time to shake off the chill, Courchevel’s accommodation options await, as inviting as its landscapes. From the luxurious Chalet Coco that offers doorstep skiing to this cozy apartment in Courchevel 1650, there’s always a warm welcome for every adventurer like you in Courchevel. 

Summer Adventures in Courchevel, France

The snow now melts and the lush greens pop. You see Courchevel transform from a winter wonderland into a vibrant summer playground. You soon realize: the thrill doesn’t end with the cold; it just changes its tune. 

Let us invite you to a whole new set of adventures under the warm Alpine sun during summer.

Kick things off with mountain biking on the trails of Verdons or Saulire. These areas are well-known for their breathtaking vistas and challenging routes, offering something for both beginners and experienced bikers alike. Then glide down well-maintained paths or tackle rugged terrain to get your adrenaline pumping.

If hiking is more your pace, the trails around Vanoise National Park offer unforgettable experiences with every step. Trek through the park’s diverse landscapes, from serene meadows dotted with wildflowers to rugged peaks that command awe-inspiring views. Notable trails include the hike to Lac de la Rosière—a beautiful mountain lake perfect for a scenic picnic or a refreshing dip on a warm day.

And for H2O lovers, Courchevel certainly offers several options. The man-made lake at Courchevel 1650 is ideal for paddleboarding, offering gentle waters and gorgeous surroundings. Meanwhile, Lac Bleu in Courchevel Village provides a picturesque setting for a leisurely day of kayaking, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

Then after a day filled with exhilarating outdoor activities, how about staying in this quiet apartment in Courchevel 1650

Just a 50-meter stroll from the village center and ski slopes, this freshly refurbished first-floor chalet apartment offers a peaceful yet extremely convenient location.

People on a ski adventure in Courchevel
People on a ski holiday in Courchevel

Plan A Fun-Packed Holiday in Courchevel with ThisCityKnows

Evidently, Courchevel transcends the typical vacation experience, offering a myriad of adventure activities that captivate and thrill through every season. This enchanting region is truly a place where every adventure tells a story and every view takes your breath away.

And with ThisCityKnows at your side, you’re assured of having all the essential insider knowledge to make your visit truly memorable. Bear in mind that we’re always here to guide you through the highs and lows, the paths less traveled, and the best-kept secrets of Courchevel.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and let your adventurous spirit soar in Courchevel!

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