7 Beachfront Vacation Rentals in Palmetto Dunes to Book If You Love the Ocean 

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A woman relaxing with a serene beach view from a beachfront vacation rental in Palmetto Dunes
A woman relaxing with a serene beach view from a beachfront vacation rental in Palmetto Dunes

With Palmetto Dunes proudly ranked as one of the best resorts in the South by Condé Nast Traveler, there’s no doubt that guests here are in for a treat, (and so are you)! 

If the thought of waking to the sound of waves fills you with joy, these beachfront vacation rentals in Palmetto Dunes are calling your name! Offering more than just sun, sand, and surf, these accommodations spill directly onto the beach. Here, every day is an awesome beach day.

In this blog, ThisCityKnows sets the scene for your next getaway with a peek at places where morning coffees meet ocean breezes and every sunset is a celebration

That said, here are the best spots to soak up that beachfront magic:

1. A 5-Bedroom House with Heated Pool and Sun Deck

Why we love it: Ready-made for fun and relaxation.

First up is this property that is an entertainment haven located a short two-minute walk from the beach. It features a private heated pool and spa for ultimate relaxation. There’s also a putting green, bikes, and kayaks for active fun. 

The house combines traditional Southern elegance with modern conveniences, making it an ideal spot for a festive or peaceful beachside stay.

2. A 2-Bedroom Villa with Two Central AC Systems

Why we love it: Sporty beach living at its best.

Just a stone’s throw from the beach, this villa is the ultimate playground for sports enthusiasts. Offering two hours of free pickleball and tennis each day, this townhouse also boasts a prime location close to running, biking, and walking trails. 

If you ask us, it’s absolutely perfect for those who love an active lifestyle but also appreciate quick access to the beach for some downtime!

3. Coastal Luxe Villa by the Beach

Why we love it: A personal wellness retreat.

This 2-bedroom villa offers a peaceful retreat with access to first-class spa and fitness facilities, including a private sauna and hot tub. Furthermore, its minimalist interior decor is just as soothing, making it the ultimate spot for relaxation next to the serene beach backdrop.

4. 3-Story Villa with Pool Access

Why we love it: Spacious luxury for group getaways.

Owing to its three floors of luxurious living space with direct beach and pool access, this villa is truly the ultimate spot for large families or groups. For one, it offers extensive room for gathering and individual privacy, ensuring you and the entire gang a comfortable stay!

A group of friends gathered at sunset by the pool of a beachfront vacation rental in Palmetto Dunes
A group of friends gathered at sunset by the pool of a beachfront vacation rental in Palmetto Dunes

5. Bijou De La Beach

Why we love it: Chic comfort all year round.

Positioned just steps from the shore, this apartment is ideal for visitors with a penchant for posh interiors that complement the stunning view outdoors. And with easy beach access and indoor and outdoor pools at your pleasure year-round, this chic flat definitely promises comfort for all seasons.

6. Catboat Lane Oceanfront Bliss

Why we love it: Culinary delight with a view.

This home stands out with its gourmet kitchen and direct beach access. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy cooking and dining amidst spectacular views! Even better, the combination of top-tier amenities and the beachfront setting of this home also creates not just a one-of-a-kind experience for culinary enthusiasts—but a truly exceptional holiday for everyone.

7. Hampton Place Coastal Haven

Why we love it: Recently renovated with breathtaking views.

Lastly, this property on Hampton Place has been recently updated to offer luxurious amenities that complements the stunning ocean views from its private balcony. Not only do these renovations enhance every guest’s experience, but it also provides a plush and modern setting for an exceptional beachfront stay.

So if you’re eager to splash into the ocean’s embrace, Palmetto Dunes is simply bursting with fun beach activities just steps from these beachfront vacation rentals!

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