5 Fun Beach Activities in Rhodes, Greece, If You’re Tired of Sunbathing

It would be a shame to squander these coasts. Dip your toes (or dive headfirst!) into these fun beach activities in Rhodes, Greece, for a truly unforgettable beach day!

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Did you know that Rhodes flaunts over 220 km of coastline dotted with 42 idyllic beaches?

With a majority of these beaches holding the esteemed Blue Flag award, it would simply be a waste of a good holiday to not try out all that there is to experience in Rhodes!

With that, here are five fun beach activities in Rhodes, Greece, to get you started down the path of a memorable Greek getaway:

1. Water Sports Extravaganza

Rhodes beckons adventurers with its thrilling water sports options.

At places like Ixia and Prasonisi, where winds are ideal for sailing and kitesurfing, families and thrill-seekers alike can experience the rush of wind and spray. These spots cater to all levels, even the reluctant beginner! 

Plus, there’s a thoughtful community of water sports enthusiasts who can help you make the most of fun beach activities in Rhodes, Greece!

2. Dynamic Beach Play

Beach volleyball and football tournaments are common sights at Tsambika Beach. Solo travelers and groups alike can easily transform a lazy beach day into friendly competition here, especially with the equipment rental facilities present. Not to mention, this is also a good way to do your cardio even while on holiday! Just don’t forget your sunscreen (and a bit of good sportsmanship that can go a long way).

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3. Dive into the Blue

Diving is definitely one of the most fun beach activities in Rhodes, Greece, that really pulls you beyond the shore. At sites like Kalithea Springs and St. Paul’s Bay, divers and snorkelers of all levels can enjoy encounters with colorful fish and intricate coral formations. Do note, however, these diving spots are only accessible from June to late September, so time your visit well! 

4. Thrills at Rhodes Waterpark

While not necessarily on the beach, a visit to the Rhodes Waterpark in Faliraki still promises unadulterated aquatic fun. After all, the waterpark is perfect for families with kids and is home to slides of varying thrill levels. Food kiosks are also available at the location, so you can make a genuine ‘family day out’ of your visit. 

Moored yachts in Rhodes, Greece.

5. Seafaring Adventures

Who said fun beach activities in Rhodes, Greece are limited to the island? A boat ride to Chalki is arguably the best way to combine a beach day, historical tour, water adventure, and even a culinary exploration all-in-one. 

For those who’ve never been, Chalki is a rustic, hilly island where you’ll find ruins and tranquil beaches that seem to make time stand still. The local cuisine is not half-bad, either, and you can toast your day to a close at any of the waterfront tavernas. 

Of course, if you find yourself hesitant to leave, places like the Rosalia Apartments or Villa Leleka are always ready to welcome you home. 

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