Scroll-Stopping Shots: 8 Instagrammable Spots in Whistler, Canada

If a picture paints a thousand words, then these Instagrammable spots in Whistler, Canada, will have you writing a novel by the end of your trip!

A snowy evening in Whistler Village.

Whistler’s chameleonic beauty from spring to winter will have even the most well-traveled visitor whistling like a marmot (which, by the way, is where the municipality gets its name). One does not simply enter here without wanting a piece of its beauty. 

With that, here are the most instagrammable spots in Whistler, Canada where you can take snaps worthy of a postcard:

1. Rebagliati Park

Been needing to refresh your family picture? Well, this family-friendly location is all scenic beauty, lush greenery, and vibrant atmosphere. It’s truly perfect for going above the mantel! 

While the spring, summer, and fall seasons make for resplendent pictures, you’ll surely want to time your visit to Rebagliati Park in winter. The stark white, occasionally punched by deep greens conjures magical visuals. It’s so breathtaking that, in fact, many opt to hold their wedding ceremony here between December and March.

2. The Village

The iconic pedestrian village of Blackcomb features cobblestone pathways, charming architecture, and a lively vibe. This area is ideal for capturing urban and resort-style aesthetics, making it one of the most Instagrammable spots in Whistler, Canada. 

For a travel photo straight out of a fairytale, take your shots during the lively evenings!

3. Green Lake

The Green lake gets its green hue from the light reflecting off tiny, suspended silt particles in the water, or “rock flour”. If you want a photographic slice of this serene paradise, be sure to visit early in the morning or at sunset. 

But for an adventure selfie, various activities like canoeing, kayaking, and seaplane tours are best done in the summer months. You might also want to take a rain check on swimming, though, as this lake is fed by a glacier and is cold even during the warmer seasons.

Scenic suspension bridge in Whistler, Canada.

4. Fitzsimmons Creek

Here’s a fun fact: Fitzsimmons Creek is the reason why Green Lake made it to our list of  most Instagrammable spots in Whistler, Canada. You see, this creek is responsible for depositing rock flour from the glacier into the lake. 

After you’re done snapping pics at Green Lake, you can take the Valley Trail to the creek. It’s only about 1.3 km long and makes for an awesome photo-walk!

5. Creekside

Whistler Mountain’s original base offers a mix of urban and mountainous landscapes. Creekside is perfect for capturing a relaxed and scenic vibe that’s much quieter than the main village areas. It is also home to various lodging options fitting for a ski trip (what with its direct access to the slopes). 

Of course, if you want to capture something more aerial, you’ll need to book a stay at something similar to this 2-bedroom resort home.

6. Lost Lake

Enjoy a day of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing at Lost Lake, a winter wonderland with snow-covered trails, serene lake views, and a magical forest setting. This location is ideal for capturing winter scenes and outdoor adventures. 

Not to mention, its name will make for an interesting caption that will have your followers believing you’ve discovered a hidden oasis!

A shot of the Rebagliati Park bridge.

7. Nicklaus North

Nicklaus North Golf Course and Scandinave Spa features more luxurious elements if you’re on the hunt for something that merits Insta-envy. Being two of the most Instagrammable spots in Whistler, Canada aside, these scenic havens promise a day of sportsmanship followed by an afternoon of thermotherapeutic relaxation. 

Mother’s and Father’s Day ideas, anyone?

8. Sightlines Bridge

Sightlines Bridge presents diverse photo opportunities with hand-crafted metal sculptures, dazzling Christmas lights, and even a bobsled. The bridge itself offers a unique and visually stunning backdrop that captures the essence of Whistler—verdant mountains and crystal skies as far as the eye can see.

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