Luxury Travel in the USA: 8 Cities for Every Kind of Jet-Setter

From bespoke hospitality to unparalleled experiences, see how these eight cities are bringing more depth to luxury travel in the USA.

Waterfront property with a private dock in Charleston, South Carolina, showcasing serene luxury travel in the USA

Once the playground of the opulent, with its five-star hotels, first-class flights, and secluded resorts, luxury travel in the USA is undergoing a renaissance. 

As today’s affluent seek more than just velvet ropes and gilded lobbies, yearning for experiences tailored to their unique tastes, more destinations offer authentic encounters that stitch the fabric of local culture directly into their memories. This evolution is, perhaps, driven by a demand for personalized services and the allure of the undiscovered. These days, luxury is synonymous to embarking on a journey that’s as exclusive as it is enlightening. 

From luxury hotel stays in the US to luxury train travel across the country, join us as we unveil eight cities that cater to every kind of jet-setter, promising an unparalleled blend of opulence and personalization.

1. Charleston, South Carolina: Where History Meets Luxury

Charleston, a city where the past lingers in the sweet South Carolina air, boasts an array of American firsts— from the first golf game to the inaugural theater, public library, and museum in the nation. This historic charm, coupled with its cobblestone streets, antebellum architecture, and the inviting Charleston Harbor, makes it a top destination for luxury travel in the USA. Stay at the French Quarter Inn to immerse yourself in the heart of the city’s storied district, making every moment of your visit to South Carolina as enriching as it is comfortable.

2. Chicago, Illinois: The City That Writes on Water

Chicago surprises with its poetic sidewalks, revealing hidden verses with the rain— an emblem of the city’s creative spirit. Beyond its architectural marvels and bustling streets lies a cultural haven for art, music, and culinary delights, making it a vibrant hub for luxury travel in the USA. Discerning travelers will surely find solace in the city’s upscale accommodations, world-class restaurants, and the sweeping views of Lake Michigan, all of which elevate the urban experience to new heights of sophistication.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada: Beyond the Neon Lights

In a city famed for its dazzling entertainment and casino floors, Las Vegas’ history of atomic bomb parties adds a peculiar twist to its neon heritage. Today, luxurious experiences in Las Vegas are synonymous with extravagant shows, gourmet dining, and the opulence of high-end suites like those at the Vdara Hotel. This corner penthouse offers unrivaled views of the Bellagio fountains, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay where the thrill of luxury meets the allure of Sin City’s past.

4. Los Angeles, California: Tinseltown’s Timeless Glamour

Los Angeles, where the Hollywood sign once beckoned dreamers with its ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’ call, remains a beacon for those seeking luxury amidst the glitz and glamor. This sprawling city, with its palm-lined boulevards, exclusive boutiques, and beachside enclaves, offers an eclectic mix of relaxation, entertainment, and luxury hotel stays in the US. From star-studded events to private tours of studios and galleries, LA invites luxury travelers to live out their cinematic fantasies in true Californian style.

Elegant woman enjoying a solo drink at a high-end bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5. Miami, Florida: Sunshine and Sophistication

As the only US state founded by a woman, Miami epitomizes resilience and elegance, thriving as a cosmopolitan oasis of culture, art deco architecture, and pristine beaches. It’s a city where luxury travel in the USA can mean chartering a yacht for a sunset cruise, indulging in the culinary masterpieces of world-renowned chefs, or unwinding in one of the city’s lavish beachfront resorts. Without a doubt, Miami’s unique blend of vibrant street life, exclusive shopping districts, and waterfront luxury makes it a haven for discerning travelers seeking true warmth and opulence.

6. New York, New York: The Epitome of Urban Luxury

In the city that never sleeps, luxury finds its home amidst the skyscrapers and bustling streets of New York City. Once known for its quirky ‘Moving Day’ tradition, today’s NYC is a world leader in luxury hotel stays in the US, high-end dining, and exclusive experiences. From private art viewings at the MoMA to helicopter tours over the Hudson, this lovely duplex loft in the South Street Seaport offers a stylish retreat in the heart of the action.

7. San Francisco, California: Where Innovation Meets Elegance

San Francisco’s cable cars, the only moving monuments in the US, offer a picturesque journey through time. Here, luxury travel in the USA encompasses more than just scenic views of the Golden Gate; it’s about experiencing innovation, from Silicon Valley tours to tastings at exclusive wineries nearby. The city’s mix of cultural richness, innovative cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes makes it an ideal destination for those who appreciate the finer details.

8. Savannah, Georgia: The Southern Belle of Luxury

Savannah, draped in its historic charm and literary legacy, offers a slower-paced luxury that’s as much about atmosphere as it is about opulence. With stories woven into the fabric of its cobbled streets and moss-draped oaks, this city captures the essence of Southern elegance. From private tours of its historic homes to leisurely afternoons in its art galleries, Savannah invites visitors to step into a world where time moves more gracefully. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Savannah, the 1876 Charming Victorian Home in the famed Historic District is a crowd favorite. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking luxury travel in the USA and doesn’t fall short on character. If you’re after literary history, unique charm, and a refined Southern experience, Savannah is a must-visit for you.

Charming cobblestone streets of Savannah, Georgia, a popular destination for luxury travel in the USA.

Plan Every Kind of Luxury Travel in the USA with This City Knows

As we’ve journeyed from the historic streets of Charleston to the innovative spirit of San Francisco, it’s clear that today’s brand of luxury travel in the USA offers a more unparalleled tapestry of experiences for the discerning jet-setter. Be it the allure of cinematic landscapes in Los Angeles, the historical richness of Savannah, or the bustling urban luxury of New York City, each destination serves as a testament to the evolving nature of luxury. In these cities, personalization, authenticity, and unforgettable experiences reign supreme. 

Let This City Knows be your compass to the epitome of luxury travel in the USA. With our curated guides and insider knowledge, planning your next luxury adventure has never been easier.

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