5 Group-Friendly Luxury Vacation Rentals in Rhodes, Greece

Be it for five or 50, there’s always a place to stay and party among these luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece!

A luxury vacation rental in Rhodes, Greece.

When the ancient Greeks built their temples and palaces, they aimed to live as the gods did. This entailed being surrounded by entertainment, sipping from expensive vessels, and displaying wealth and wisdom. 

Today, this tradition of elevated living continues. By staying in one of these premier luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece, you may just indulge in a modern-day version of this lavish lifestyle, experiencing first-hand the luxury once reserved for the Greek elite:

1. Astrea Villas

Astrea Villas ranks high among luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece. These modern villas in the tranquil village of Lahania feature infinity pools, lush gardens, and expansive terraces with stunning sea views, making them perfect for families or groups of up to 12 seeking privacy and relaxation. 

Additionally, its close proximity to Lahania Beach and the inclusion of luxurious amenities like hot tubs and outdoor BBQ facilities ensure a stay that blends relaxation with entertainment.

2. Superb Luxury Holiday Villa in Rhodes Afandou

Located in Afandou, this 5-bedroom luxury stay offers a private heated jacuzzi, an infinity pool, and a personal gym fit for 10 guests. Despite the villa’s secluded location, it’s still close enough to local attractions, making it perfect for both relaxation and exploration

Above all, the property’s special long-stay discounts and dedication to luxury make it an unbeatable choice for an extended ‘workcations’ or a lavish retreat.

Elegant rattan furniture in a rental villa.

3. Blue Dream Luxury Villas

Positioned in Pefkos, Blue Dream Luxury Villas present crowd favorites among our picks for the top luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece. Elegant decor meets exceptional service here, with each villa featuring modern amenities and tranquil gardens. 

Additionally, their strategic location allows easy access to Lindos and its historical sites, providing a perfect mix of leisure and cultural exploration for up to 10 guests.

4. Kalathos Square Luxury Suites

Kalathos Square Luxury Suites likewise offers contemporary comforts in a picturesque setting. However, these suites are more ideal for those who truly appreciate upscale living with amenities like swimming pools and gourmet kitchens. 

Located just a short walk from Kalathos Beach, guests can enjoy both the dynamic local scene and the serene environment of this 9-bedroom accommodation.

A large group vacation rental in Rhodes.

5. Pantheon Luxury Villas Rhodes Island

Stunning mountain views and unmatched privacy make the Pantheon Luxury Villas in Afantou among the most sought-after luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece. These villas are perfect for groups of up to 50, making them the ideal venue for reunions, corporate getaways, or other similar occasions. 

And with bonus features like private pools, extensive gardens, and on-site spa services, there’s absolutely plenty of opportunities to bond and unwind. Plus, their proximity to Afandou Beach and cultural sites also makes them a top choice among groups who are craving for exploration!

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With their sprawling gardens, showstopping views, and world-class amenities, these fine luxury vacation rentals in Rhodes, Greece, guarantee the most memorable of gatherings. Be it for five people or 50, you’ll certainly never run out of options when it comes to your next home-away-from-home in Rhodes.

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