Must-See Attractions Near Palmetto Dunes, USA, to Put in Your Itinerary 

Looking for a vacation to remember? Uncover the must-see attractions near Palmetto Dunes and start your journey.

Couples enjoying a sunset party at an event near Palmetto Dunes
Couples enjoying a sunset party at an event near Palmetto Dunes

Nestled in the heart of Hilton Head Island, Palmetto Dunes emerges as a vibrant playground for travelers of all stripes. From the sun-kissed beaches to lush green golf courses, it’s a place where the word “boredom” is unceremoniously booted out of the vocabulary. 

So if you’re plotting a course for your next adventure, you’re in the right place. Let ThisCityKnows be your compass to the must-see attractions near Palmetto Dunes.

Natural Wonders and Outdoor Adventures

First up on our list of must-see attractions near Palmetto Dunes are the natural landscapes that call for your camera and your adventurous spirit. Swap your flip-flops for a pair of hiking boots and hit the trails at the Palmetto Dunes Nature Preserve. Here, a mosaic of wildlife and flora paints a scene so serene—even the busiest minds are bound to find peace. 

Next, make a splash at Shelter Cove Marina. This is where water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding let you glide over crystal-clear waters—perfect for those who enjoy a dash of fun with their exploits.

For those who prefer some terra firma activities, the George Fazio Golf Course offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. As the only par-70 public golf course on Hilton Head Island, it combines scenic beauty with the thrill of the game.

As we let the adrenaline from our outdoor exploits settle, let’s dive into the culture and history of Palmetto Dunes.

Cultural and Historical Insights

Think Palmetto Dunes is just about sandy toes and salty hair? Well, there’s more beneath the surface! Dive deeper into the local lore with a historical tour of the Leamington Lighthouse. Since 1881, this historic beacon has been guiding seafarers and now it’s ready to light your path through the past. 

And for a taste of local life, don’t miss the Palmetto Dunes seasonal festivals. Whether it’s the oyster roast in the fall or the jazz nights in the spring, these events are peppered with local flavors and rhythms.

Friends dining at a restaurant that is a must-see attraction near Palmetto Dunes

Beyond the festivities, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina offers an enriching cultural experience. Here, a variety of performances and exhibitions showcase both local and national talent. Think of it as a cultural hub where art and community meet, making it a must-visit for any culture enthusiast.

Having fed your soul with culture and history, it’s time to indulge your taste buds and lay your head in comfort as we explore the culinary and accommodation highlights of Palmetto Dunes.

Dining and Accommodation Recommendations

Hungry for more? Palmetto Dunes serves up a delectable array of dining options. Alexander’s Restaurant & Wine Bar is a must-visit for seafood aficionados. It offers a catch-of-the-day that’s always fresh and an ambiance that’s just as refreshing. For a more casual bite, The Dunes House offers beachfront dining. Here, the shrimp tacos are rumored to be the best on the island.

If you’re craving some hearty American fare, head to Big Jim’s BBQ, Burgers & Pizza. Its laid-back atmosphere is right on the golf course, perfect for refueling after a day of adventures.

And if you fell in love with Palmetto Dunes the minute you saw it, we bet it’s hard to say goodbye. No worries, though! The Barrington Court Apartments and the Villamare rentals offer a serene sanctuary where you can hang your hat and call it home. The Palmetto Dunes are dotted with vacation rentals offering comfort and convenience in style—and with ThisCityKnows you will find these and more!

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After dipping your toes in the waters, wandering through history, and savoring local flavors, you can now see clearly why Palmetto Dunes is one of the best areas to stay on Hilton Head Island.

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