Off-Season Guide To Courchevel, France: Summer In The French Alps

Hit pause on the slopes and press play on more authentic experiences as you go beyond the region’s popular winter allure with our off-season guide to Courchevel, France.

A man fishing by the lake in Courchevel, France
A man fishing by the lake in Courchevel, France

While many envision Courchevel blanketed in snow, a select few dream of its secret summer allure. Away from the bustling winter crowds lies a serene haven, where the Alpine charm is definitely not confined to the colder months.

Here, our offseason guide to Courchevel, France, unveils a quieter yet equally mesmerizing side of this famed destination. As the snow recedes, a vibrant landscape of lush meadows and tranquil mountain trails emerges. With that, we invite you to experience Courchevel in its summer splendor!

So pack your bags and set off on an adventure that offers a fresh perspective on this luxurious retreat. 

Here’s all you need to know to savor the off-peak magic of Courchevel!

Courchevel Off-Season Guide: Weather & Travel Tips

Summer in Courchevel offers a delightful escape with temperatures ranging from cool to comfortably warm. So on your next summer respite, it’s best to leave your heavy winter gear at home. Light jackets, breathable fabrics, and comfortable walking shoes are all you need to explore the Alpine beauty comfortably.

Furthermore, the weather during the summer months is predominantly pleasant. They are mainly characterized by clear blue skies and occasional showers that bring the landscape to life. This makes it the perfect climate for embarking on lush, scenic hikes or simply enjoying the outdoor terraces of local cafés.

Likewise, traveling to Courchevel in the offseason is surprisingly straightforward and enjoyable. Most visitors fly into international airports like Geneva or Lyon and then take a scenic drive to the Alps.

And with public transportation less crowded and the roads free from snow and ice, getting around is easier and quicker. But without question, renting a car for a summer holiday in Courchevel is ideal if you want to explore at your own pace and enjoy the breathtaking views along the way!

Tourists walking along the botanical trails in Courchevel
Tourists walking along the botanical trails in Courchevel

Beyond The Slopes: Off-Season Activities in Courchevel 

Arguably, most of us recognize the French Alps as a winter paradise. But that’s exactly why we came up with this off-season guide to Courchevel—to show you how the region can transform itself into a colorful playground for all sorts of adventure during the summer! 

Your first step? Ditch the skis and grab a pair of hiking boots to explore the lush green trails. Trek through Alpine meadows or cycle up challenging paths. Ah, the views—absolutely worth every step or pedal. 

And for something truly exhilarating, why not try paragliding over the valleys? That way, you can soar high and enjoy panoramic views that are truly unparalleled.

Water lovers aren’t left out, either. That’s because the serene Lac de la Rosière becomes a hub for fishing, kayaking, and even paddleboarding during the warmer months. It’s a peaceful retreat where you can spend hours just floating on the water or picnicking by the lakeside.

Of course, don’t miss the chance to dive into the local culture with Courchevel’s summer festivals. From jazz concerts under the stars to traditional Alpine folk festivals, these events bring the community (and its visitors), assembled in celebration. With that, we encourage you to engage with the locals, try some regional delicacies, and soak in the festive atmosphere to truly have an immersive experience.

And when you’re exhausted and need a day of relaxation, we suggest you hit the golf courses or indulge in spa treatments at one of the many luxury resorts. Yoga sessions with mountain views? Yes, please! And for families, the adventure parks and outdoor pools are a hit with kids and teens alike.

Where To Stay in Courchevel in Summer

Choosing the right spot to stay in Courchevel during the summer can be a bit tricky, but we can help you out on that for sure.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide where to plant your summer roots in this Alpine paradise.

LE PRAZ. Embrace the charm of traditional Alpine architecture and peaceful ambiance. Ideal for those who enjoy serene lakes and quaint cafes, Le Praz is great for a tranquil retreat.

COURCHEVEL 1650 (MORIOND). A hit with most families, Moriond features a sunny, relaxed vibe and is brimming with activities for kids. It’s warmer, welcoming, and wonderful for outdoor fun.

COURCHEVEL 1850. The epitome of luxury, 1850 remains lively even in summer. Upscale shops, gourmet dining, and luxury spas cater to those seeking a premium experience.

COURCHEVEL 1550. Offering affordability without compromise, 1550 is quieter but well-placed for exploring the region. It’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers.

LA TANIA. Hidden in a forest, La Tania is perfect for nature lovers and families. Enjoy pedestrian-friendly zones and affordable stays amidst lush surroundings.

A spacious ski chalet in Courchevel, France, with flowers in the foreground
A spacious ski chalet in Courchevel, France, with flowers in the foreground

Experience The Charm of Courchevel in Summer with ThisCityKnows

Agreed! This off-season guide to Courchevel confirms that the region isn’t just for a winter affair. It’s likewise a summer sanctuary bursting with vibrant life and endless possibilities. 

Yes, the Alpine peaks are gorgeous in white; but they can also dazzle in the lush greens of summer, offering trails, lakes, and open-air festivals.

And with ThisCityKnows, you’re always one step ahead on your journey. From finding the perfect stay to uncovering hidden gems and seasonal events, we make sure you have all the insider info you need before you head to Courchevel—and other beautiful destinations around the world.

So, ready to swap your snow boots for hiking shoes? 

Let ThisCityKnows guide you to the best off-season experiences in Courchevel.

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