Offseason Guide to Rhodes, Greece: 5 Reasons to Visit in the Winter

“Underrated” is where it’s at. This off-season guide to Rhodes, Greece, shows you exactly why you should book your visit for the winter!

Uncrowded streets at Rhodes, Greece.

Though swimming may be off the cards in the cooler months, Rhodes reveals its authentic charm during the offseason. With fewer tourists (and virtually no mosquitoes) winter offers a unique chance to explore the island’s rich history and vibrant life unhurriedly. 

So if you’re still on the fence about visiting in winter, perhaps our offseason guide to Rhodes, Greece, will finally get you to book that flight:

1. There are fewer crowds during Winter

Let’s face it: nothing ruins public attractions more than, well, the public. However, the quieter months from October to May allows you to wander around Rhodes without constantly bumping into people. 

Snap the perfect travel pic in the medieval streets of Rhodes Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Or take your sweet time in museums and restaurants without the constant looming threat of a crowd. 

2. Everything costs way less

So you’ve set your budget and are ready to go. Turns out, your money can only go so far during peak season. In lean season, though, accommodations, tickets, and fares are generally cheaper. 

Places like the Place of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, the Aquarium, and the Throne of Helios are known especially for giving reduced admission fees in the wintertime. Even five-star accommodations like the Atrium Prestige or the Mitsis Grand Hotel offer offseason deals. 

Of course, any savvy traveler consulting an offseason guide to Rhodes, Greece, already knows this, but it’s always worth reiterating. 

A group enjoying a meal at a taverna.

3. You can take your time befriending the locals

Now if you grew up in a tourist destination, you’ll know how the collective temperament changes come lean season. Visiting Rhodes in winter is no exception. In fact, the city opens its doors to making friends with locals as there is less rush around you. 

Plus, festivals and local events still flourish during the winter, so you’ll get every chance to experience the traditions and daily life of the islanders

4. You have a better chance of discovering hidden gems

Remember what we said about your budget stretching further in winter? Well, in this offseason guide to Rhodes, Greece, we’ll push that a bit further, too! 

With more money, time, and personal space at your disposal, you can now do more local exploration. You won’t have to worry about securing a ride to Seven Springs Valley, or walking under intense heat around Monolithos Castle. Very little will stand in the way of you discovering your next favorite hideout!

The Acropolis of Lindos at midday.

5. The temperature is just right

Rhodes enjoys a mild climate even in the winter months, with plenty of sunny days perfect for outdoor activities. Many offseason guides to Rhodes, Greece (ours included), will immediately tell you that the waters are off-limits. 

However, if you’re the extreme adventurer type who’s not easily put off by 17°C (63°F) seas, then have at it! Hiking, cycling, and simple leisurely strolls are good alternatives, too, as the weather creates some ease for such typically intense activities. 

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Even famous destinations can become hidden gem-like when you visit at the right time. Rhodes is no different, as long as you arrive at the right time and with the right attitude!

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