Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Courchevel, France, For Every Budget

All paws lead to Courchevel—where the peaks meet pet pampering! Discover top pet-friendly vacation rentals in Courchevel, France, for a truly tail-wagging holiday!

A dog relaxing on the couch of a pet-friendly vacation home in Courchevel
A dog relaxing on the couch of a pet-friendly vacation home in Courchevel

Skiing is fun. But hitting the slopes with your furry friends? The best! After all, who leaves their pup at home while you’re enjoying yourself on holiday? It’s just not right if you ask us.

And with a rising demand for pet-friendly accommodations, Courchevel is truly stepping up, offering more cozy retreats for you and your four-legged companions.

So, if you and your pet have made a pact that no one’s getting left behind on your next trip, keep reading. We’re about to uncover some of the best pet-friendly vacation rentals in Courchevel, France, guaranteed to make your holiday “pawsitively” unforgettable!

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Courchevel Under $300

Who says a fabulous stay in Courchevel with your furry best friend is but a rich man’s luxury?

To debunk those myths, here are two fantastic pet-friendly vacation rentals in Courchevel where you can snuggle up with your furry friend after a day on the slopes—all for under $300!


Just a tail’s wag from the slopes of Courchevel 1850, Résidence Les Chalets du Forum mixes alpine adventure with home comforts.

Each apartment breathes a rustic charm, offering cozy nooks and all the creature comforts you’d expect. Picture your morning walks with breathtaking views of the Three Valleys, then coming back to cuddle up in a space that feels like your own alpine home. 

Overall, it’s a pet-friendly paradise with a scenic balcony, perfect for those puppy eyes gazing over the snowy peaks.


Imagine cozy evenings by the fire, with your dog curled up at your feet—that’s the charm of this duplex apartment in La Perrière.

Tucked away in the quiet corners of La Perrière, this property is a hidden gem just a short scamper from the Tania gondola. With three bedrooms and a warm lounge complete with a log fire, it’s a truly ideal winter nest for you and your furry friend. That’s because the setup also features easy-to-clean floors for snowy paws and a living area spacious enough for playtime.

Moreover, entertainment is right at your fingertips with a Smart TV, an array of DVDs, and an Xbox 360 for game nights. Additionally, the apartment is likewise equipped with a ski locker for easy gear storage.

In short, it’s an absolute snug—inviting you to stay at a home away from home where every member of the family, especially the furry ones, can relax and enjoy!

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Courchevel From $500

Meanwhile, stepping up the budget a bit can also mean stepping up the luxury. And why not treat your four-legged friends once in a while? 

Here are two exquisite pet-friendly vacation rentals where everyone in the family can enjoy a lavish retreat while in Courchevel.


This stunning chalet is where modern amenities meet rustic mountain charm, all wrapped up in a pet-friendly package. 

Just a mere 100 meters from La Tania Ski Resort, this property places you and your pet in the heart of alpine action. Designed with five bedrooms plus a cabin with bunk beds, it’s definitely an ideal stay for large groups or families.

And after a day on the slopes, why not unwind by the fireplace in the spacious living room, or whip up a feast in the fully equipped kitchen? Plus, with direct ski room access, this chalet also ensures that your snowy adventures are as seamless as they are exciting! 


Now for those who adore rustic charm, this traditional ski chalet in the Les Brigues district may just be the reality to your dream holiday.

Offering majestic views, the chalet includes an apartment for six and a studio for four—making it versatile for different group sizes. The apartment likewise boasts a spacious living room with a fireplace, an open kitchen, and comfortable sleeping arrangements that include a double bed and four singles. 

Of course, the studio is just as cozy and inviting with bunk beds, a convertible sofa, and a well-appointed bathroom.

And the best part? Both settings are enhanced with a ski room complete with boot warmers, ensuring your comfort from the moment you step in.

A man and his dog walking on a snow-covered path in Courchevel
A man and his dog walking on a snow-covered path in Courchevel

Plan A Pawsome Trip To Courchevel with ThisCityKnows

There’s no doubt—Courchevel is a paradise for pet lovers, offering everything from cozy, budget-friendly digs to luxurious chalets where both you and your pet can enjoy the finer things in life. 

With pet-friendly vacation rentals for every budget, Courchevel ensures that your next holiday is not just fun but fabulously inclusive!

As always, ThisCityKnows is your go-to guide for all things travel. From finding the perfect pet-friendly stays to discovering the best trails and treats for your furry friend, we’ve got you covered.

So, strap on your skis, pack your pet’s favorite toys, and get ready for an “‘un-fur-gettable” adventure in Courchevel!

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