5 Non-Crowded Places to Go Swimming in Rhodes Greece 

These places to go swimming in Rhodes, Greece, are for the beachcombers who want paradise all to themselves.

Tourist posing cliffside above a beach.

Thalassotherapy, deriving from the Greek ‘thalassa’ for sea and ‘therapeia’ for treatment, reflects the ancient Greek reverence for the sea’s healing properties. 

In Rhodes, this tradition continues, offering pristine, therapeutic waters ideal for swimming

With that, let’s discover peaceful places to go swimming in Rhodes, Greece, where the sea not only soothes the body but also the soul!

1. Pefki Beach

First on our list is Pefki Beach, a hidden gem where the only crowd you’ll encounter might be the occasional seashell collector. More commonly known as Pefkos Beach, this spot is a serene destination among the fine  places to go swimming in Rhodes, Greece. 

The beach also features a mix of soft sand and pebbles, flanked by rocky coves with crystal-clear shallow waters, adding to its perfection for a peaceful dip. 

Its surrounding holiday rentals and small hotels like the Island Blue Hotel likewise contribute to a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. It’s definitely an excellent choice for those looking to unwind. Plus, beachgoers can also enjoy local cafes and tavernas nearby, offering fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes.

Swapping sand for surf, we glide over to Fanes Beach next—a haven for those who prefer their beach days served with a side of solitude and sea breezes.

2. Fanes Beach

Fanes Beach stands out as a tranquil place to go swimming in Rhodes, Greece, located on the island’s west side. 

Known for its long sandy stretches and gentle waters, it’s less frequented by tourists and offers conditions ideal for windsurfing and kite-surfing. Though a considerable distance from Rhodes Town, Fanes Beach provides a quiet retreat with ample space for relaxation and water sports. The local village of Fanes, just a short walk away, likewise adds a charming cultural element to visits.

Escaping further off the beaten path, we head over to Gennadi Beach, where the stars and the moon are the only light pollution you’ll find on your nocturnal swims.

A secluded beach in Rhodes, Greece.

3. Gennadi Beach

Gennadi Beach is particularly celebrated for its secluded spot. Without question, it’s another ideal choice for those seeking privacy and a close-to-nature experience

Here, you can go for night swims or stargaze by a campfire, or make the most of the beach’s length with a stroll or a morning jog. Rentals around the area are also far removed from the island’s busier spots, so you can comfortably enjoy the privacy.

4. Plakia Beach

Plakia Beach is certainly one of the most highly rated places to go swimming in Rhodes, Greece. With its fine sand and crystal-clear waters, it offers an idyllic setting for swimmers and sunbathers looking for tranquility. Its remote location likewise ensures it remains uncrowded, appealing to those wishing to discover Rhodes’ more authentic and peaceful side. 

Additionally, the beach’s gentle waters make it safe for families with children, while providing a stress-free environment for parents.

Last but certainly not least, Agios Georgios Beach calls to the truly adventurous, promising pristine sands for those willing to trek a little further!

A less crowded coast in Rhodes.

5. Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios Beach is arguably the most secluded of Rhodes’ popular beaches on this list. Though it requires some effort to access, the payoff is an untouched beach environment where one can truly relax in isolation. 

And the rewards are truly impeccable. For one, the surrounding area presents hiking trails, offering adventurous visitors the chance to explore the scenic routes around the beach.

Now as our serene swimming safari concludes, it’s easy to understand why discovering Rhodes’ secluded hotspots is an adventure that beckons true blue adventurers from all over.

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