8 Timelessly Relaxing Things to Do in Whistler, Canada

We’re all for slow vacations, even in places where every corner calls for adventure! If you like to kick it back in scenic beauty, these relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada, are definitely for you!

Couple enjoying a spa day in Whistler, Canada.

Whistler is considered one of the top ski resorts in North America due to its exceptional natural snowfall and diverse terrain. But while it’s known as a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts and nature adventurers, it is also the perfect getaway for when you just want a classic R&R.

Case in point, here are the most relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada:

1. A Spa Day

A spa day is a must when kicking back. The Scandinave Spa is a good place to start with its thermal therapy-focused services. Wellness retreats like the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa and Vida Spa at Fairmont Whistler offer Javanese and Ayurvedic treatments respectively. Some spas even have outdoor hot tubs, so you still get a slice of the breathtaking Whistler wilderness while rejuvenating.

2. Axe-Throwing

Not relaxing to hear at face value, but you have to admit, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as releasing all that pent-up energy and emotion. Axe-throwing is a unique local experience in Whistler that lets you bond with friends while perfecting your aim. Even without snow, letting off steam by channeling your inner lumberjack is definitely among the most relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada.

3. Fishing

Whistler also offers year-round fishing opportunities with local guides to help you find hidden spots. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, the serene lakes and rivers provide a peaceful escape. Spend a quiet day surrounded by nature, casting your line and enjoying the tranquility. Fishing here certainly offers a perfect blend of relaxation and the thrill of the catch.

Outdoor view of a spa in Whistler, Canada.

4. Escape Rooms

At Escape! Whistler, themed escape rooms offer a unique way to unwind while challenging your mind. These immersive experiences, open late, provide a fun yet stimulating indoor activity. Perfect for groups or pairs, these escape rooms combine entertainment with problem-solving, making such adventures excellent choices for an engaging evening!

5. Sledding and Tobogganing

Sled down the hill at Whistler Olympic Park, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, or at the Whistler bubly™ Tube Park. Ask anyone who’s ever been, this is certainly one of the more relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada that still allows you to bask in the snow, the slopes, and the scenic surroundings. With its gentle thrills, it’s also the perfect activity for families with young children.

6. Winter Trails Exploration

While it may be tempting to just stay in and scroll through your feed for hours on end, it would be a waste of a gorgeous setting. Snowshoeing and Nordic skiing on Whistler’s designated trails is the gentle adventure that will pull you through the door. These activities are ideal for all fitness levels and provide a serene escape into nature.

An upscale Scandinavian sauna.

7. Take to the Whistler Village Stroll

If you love shopping and trying out new places to eat, this is among the most relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada. The pedestrian-only Main Village is designed for casual wandering and exploring. Perfect for those looking to relax and soak in the village atmosphere, it features shops, cafes, and beautiful views. This leisurely walk also presents a break from the hectic city hustle while still providing modern, urban delights

8. Picnic at the Fitzsimmons Creek Loop

Lastly, the Fitzsimmons Lookout Loop has a shaded bench and picnic area, which is a great place to sit and enjoy the view or do some nature sketching. Another convenient picnic spot is Florence Peterson Park, offering seats around a small pond. On your stroll, be sure to stop by Rebagliati Park, too, located on the path between Upper Village and Skiers Plaza.

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Even a winter sports destination like Whistler can promise something exciting for the non-sporty types! From serene spa days to peaceful nature walks, there’s a range of relaxing things to do in Whistler, Canada to suit every preference. 

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