Serenity in Style: Relaxing Things to Do in Milan, Italy

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? We got you. From strolling along serene parks to discovering hidden peaceful retreats, this blog reveals some of the most relaxing things to do in Milan, Italy.

Milan might be known to many for its fashion runways and fast-paced environment. However, tucked inside its busy streets are numerous peaceful retreats where you can simply unwind and recharge. From tranquil parks to luxurious spas, there are certainly plenty of relaxing things to do in Milan, Italy.

Whether you’re meaning to stroll through lush gardens or enjoy a cup of Milano coffee, the city has the perfect blend of city pulse and peaceful respites.

So, swap out your heels for strappy sandals as we explore some of the top spots to relax in this vigorous megacity!

A tranquil scene in Parco Sempione in Milan, Italy with people jogging, walking their dogs, and relaxing on benches.
A tranquil scene in Parco Sempione in Milan, Italy with people jogging, walking their dogs, and relaxing on benches.

Stroll Through Parco Sempione

A lush, green oasis in the heart of Milan, Parco Sempione is definitely your go-to for either morning or afternoon strolls.

Built in 1888, this historic green space was inspired by English gardens and features winding paths, tranquil ponds, and plenty of shaded areas. Key attractions here include Sforza Castle, which houses several museums, and the Civic Aquarium, one of the oldest aquariums in Europe.

And after breathing some fresh air in Parco Sempione, take your R&R up a notch with a luxurious spa experience at QC Termemilano.

Visit the Spa at QC Termemilano

Located in a historic tram depot, the QC Termemilano offers over 30 wellness treatments, including thermal baths, relaxation areas, and a variety of massages. With its soothing ambiance and top-notch facilities, no wonder it offers one of the most indulgent and relaxing things to do in Milan, Italy.

Fun fact: The spa is protected by the ancient Spanish walls, adding a touch of old-world charm to your relaxation experience.

After treating yourself to QC Termemilano, how about a stroll through the Brera Botanical Garden?

The pool area of the QC Termemilano in Milan, Italy. 
The pool area of the QC Termemilano in Milan, Italy. 

Explore the Brera Botanical Garden

Our next stop takes us to the Brera Botanical Garden, a green oasis rich in history and culture right in the heart of Milan. Now recognized as an official museum, the garden has a long storied history. 

Originating from the 14th century when it served as a place for meditation and plant cultivation by the Humiliati priests, this garden presents a kind of serenity that’s always worth a visit. Founded by Maria Theresa of Austria, The Brera Academy continues to be a place of study and beauty, promising its visitors a blend of a relaxing and enlightening experience.

Now as the day comes to a close, how about we share a cup of Milanese coffee while watching the sun go down?

Enjoy a Coffee at a Milanese Café

Milan is also renowned for its rich coffee culture, and enjoying a leisurely coffee at one of its historic cafés is a must. Our personal favorites are Caffè Cova and Pasticceria Marchesi, both serving delectable coffee and food pairings complemented by a cozy ambiance.

Interestingly, Caffè Cova is one of Milan’s oldest cafés. However, both establishments have been frequented by artists, writers, and celebrities over the years, which truly adds to their allure.

Two people walking through the Brera Botanical Garden in Milan, Italy. 
Two people walking through the Brera Botanical Garden in Milan, Italy. 

Uncover More Relaxing Things To Do in Milan, Italy with ThisCityKnows

From the lush greenery of Parco Sempione to the peaceful ambiance of the Brera Botanical Garden, Milan indeed offers many ways to unwind and take a break from the city’s bustle. 

Most definitely, these relaxing things to do in Milan, Italy, guarantee a visit that’s both enjoyable and rejuvenating. That said, we encourage you to explore these tranquil places and share your experiences and discoveries with us.

And of course, ThisCityKnows is always here to give you your regular dose of travel inspiration and tips! Share us your own in the comments section below, too, for your co-travelers who are looking to discover new cities. 

With that, we’ll leave you to pack your bags, leave the stress behind, and gear up for a relaxing escape to Milan!

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