5 Highly Rated Resort Rentals in Rhodes, Greece, to Book Today

Toeing the line between a vacation rental or five-star hotel, these resort rentals in Rhodes, Greece, offer the best of both types!

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While you can experience hospitality anywhere you go, it’s different with the Greeks. You see, they have a word, “philoxenia,” which literally translates to “friend to a stranger”. This unspoken law of generosity and courtesy to visitors underlines every interaction, especially those between host and guest. The best way to experience philoxenia firsthand is at these resort rentals in Rhodes, Greece.

That said, let’s dive into luxury with our first stop, the Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas, where the essence of Greek hospitality meets unparalleled relaxation!

1. Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas

The Atrium Prestige is definitely one of the premier resort rentals in Rhodes, Greece. For one, this spa resort offers an unparalleled blend of seaside relaxation, with views of the Mediterranean complemented by an infinity pool. 

Ethnic and gourmet dining options, extensive thalassotherapy treatments, and a range of sports and entertainment activities also ensure that every moment is a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

Next, we wade further into opulence at Mitsis Selection Alila, where beachfront bliss and culinary excellence come together in perfect harmony.

2. Mitsis Selection Alila

Mitsis Selection Alila’s exquisite beachfront location in Kallithea is only further elevated by its comprehensive amenities. With two outdoor pools, a full-service spa, and 10 dining options, guests can truly relax and dine in sophistication. Plus, with its luxurious rooms, recreational facilities, and amenities fit for all ages, this resort can likewise cater to those who appreciate fine living and attentive service.

But for those seeking an adult-only enclave, Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa presents a sanctuary designed to cater exclusively to grown-up tastes and tranquility.

Al freso dining of a resort in Rhodes.

3. Mayia Exclusive Adults-Only Resort Spa

For adults seeking a serene escape, Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa provides top-rated, adults-only resort rentals in Rhodes, Greece. This all-inclusive resort features a private black sand beach, a world-class spa, and gourmet dining options. 

Its focus on providing a restful yet luxurious experience is mainly focused to couples or groups that want an exclusive getaway. With that, the resort also features live entertainment and themed nights, adding a touch of excitement to the serene Kiotari atmosphere.

Continuing our journey into quiet luxury, Port Royal Villas and Spa awaits, offering bespoke experiences and serene privacy that redefine the adults-only vacation.

4. Port Royal Adults Only Villas And Spa

Port Royal Villas and Spa is another adults-only resort rental in Rhodes, Greece that’s worth your every penny! Located near Kolympia Beach, this five-star hotel features luxurious bungalows with private pools and a top-tier wellness center. The resort’s dedication to peace and privacy definitely ensures that every guest can unwind and rejuvenate in an elegant setting. 

Additionally, guests can also enjoy various culinary experiences with the resort’s themed dining nights and specialty restaurants, each offering a distinct flavor of the Mediterranean. 

Finally, at Blue Riviera Villas & Suites, we find a retreat that not only soothes the soul but also invigorates the body, wrapping up our tour with a promise of rejuvenation.

A luxurious resort rental bedroom in Rhodes.

5. Blue Riviera Villas & Suites

Blue Riviera Villas & Suites is the place to enjoy wellness packages and exceptional beauty services while you’re on holiday in Koskinou. With personalized airport transfers and bicycle rental services, guests can conveniently explore the local area. 

The resort’s commitment to providing a relaxing and healthy environment is likewise reflected in its wellness-oriented amenities and gorgeous, tranquil setting. Perfect for those who value privacy, each villa offers a secluded garden where guests can truly relax or entertain in peace.

And as our exploration of Rhodes’ finest resort rentals comes to a close, it’s clear that each venue is more than just a place to stay; they’re gateways to experiencing Greek philoxenia at its finest!

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These resort rentals in Rhodes, Greece, are curated for those vacations that are long overdue. And as we’ve explored, hospitality is never ‘all Greek’ to the Hellenes!  With these rentals’ well-rounded amenities for wellness and entertainment, you’ll surely fly out feeling brand new.

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