8 Scenic Drives near Mykonos, Greece, That’ll Make You Cruise Control

These scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece, prove that sometimes the journey is, in fact, the destination!

The archeological ruins in Delos, Greece.

Mykonos experiences 300 days of sunshine per year, with July being the sunniest at 14 hours of sunlight per day. With much to see (and much sun to see it with), what better way to take in more of Greece than by hitting the road? 

Let’s dive right into these scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece, and make the most of the endless sunshine:

1. Delos

Delos, a short boat ride from Mykonos, boasts well-preserved ancient ruins and artifacts. The island’s cultural significance makes it the perfect destination for history enthusiasts seeking a glimpse into the past of ancient civilizations. 

With its mythological connections such as being the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Delos is suitable for adults, history buffs, and families looking to explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site rich in history and legend.

2. Tinos

The island of Tinos is home to picturesque villages, churches, and traditional marble craftsmanship. Exploring the area allows you to immerse yourself in unique culture and architecture, even with your foot on the gas. The 20-minute boat ride also adds to the relaxing and enriching experience, making Tinos a must-try among the scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece.

3. Naxos

Naxos is the place to go to when you want to try more of the local cuisine. Villages like Halki and Filoti are more inland, but the culture and vibe there are unlike anywhere else in the Cyclades. 

Now if you want to be closer to the coast, the longest beaches in the Cyclades await with tons to do and see, so be sure to pack your beach day essentials for a stop at Agia Anna and Plaka.

A historic cliff-top church in Greece.

4. Paros

Much like other scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece, Paros promises postcard-worthy villages like Naoussa and Lefkes. Its crown jewel, however, is Kolymbithres Beach, which boasts clear waters and unique rock formations. 

The nightlife here isn’t too shabby either, but you may want to book an overnight stay at, say, this highly-rated apartment in Aliki if you truly want to savor the island’s many offerings. 

5. Antiparos

Whereas Mykonos and Paros are for the social butterflies, Antiparos is more for the laid-back beachcomber. Its small-town charm is evident upon your arrival, and you’ll be met with a myriad of camping opportunities throughout the island. 

Plus, it’s one of the scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece, that’s worth the trouble if you’re up for some adventure. That’s because Antiparos is a certified paradise for hikers, divers, and yogis. You’ll easily find your crowd here if you’re any or all of those.

6. Syros

Syros, the capital of the Cyclades islands, is known for its unique blend of Cycladic minimalism and medieval charm. A day’s exploration here will reveal picturesque streets and impressive neoclassical architecture in the main town of Ermoupoli. 

You can also drive straight for Ano Syros, with its winding lanes, flower-filled courtyards, and Orthodox and Catholic heritage. And for a mid-drive snack, we recommend you opt for loukoumia (soft nougat), halvadopita, and Syros sausages.

Aerial shot of Tinos, Greece.

7. Sifnos

If you’re looking for creative fodder just as you yearn for scenic drives near Mykonos, Greece, Sifnos should be your next destination. The journey here promises an encounter with the traditional Greek pottery and centuries-old ceramic art. 

It’s not without its thrills, of course, as there are various hiking trails around Sifnos that connect different charming villages (if you decide to go on foot). For an end-of-the-day meal, be sure to try their local chickpea balls and mastello!

8. Folegandros

On the hunt for secluded beaches? Then Folegandros should be your next stop! This remote island is known for its dramatic cliffs, breathtaking views of cerulean waters, whitewashed houses, cliffside houses, and traditional villages like Chora and Ano Meria. 

Folegandros’ peaceful ambiance and historic sites, like the 13th-century castle in Chora, attract those seeking authenticity and tranquility. Its cuisine also enhances the island’s allure to those craving an authentic Greek island experience.

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