Scenic Drives Near Osaka, Japan With Views of Mount Fuji

Did someone say “road trip”? Buckle up as we cruise along the best scenic drives near Osaka, Japan, offering breathtaking vistas of the iconic Mount Fuji.

Cars on a coastal road in Osaka, Japan
Cars on a coastal road in Osaka, Japan

While Osaka bursts with activities for the energetic traveler, exploring the city on foot amongst the crowds can be pretty overwhelming. So if you’re looking for a change of pace, why not go on a road trip? 

Exploring places on two wheels has its own set of mental health benefits. Also, it offers you a chance to discover new destinations that aren’t on every traveler’s map yet. With Japan’s immaculate roads and stunning landscapes, your journey is guaranteed to be a visual feast! 

But before we explore the scenic drives that Osaka, Japan, offers, let’s take a quick detour for two important reminders: 

  • Japan drives on the left side of the road, so it might take a moment to adjust if you’re used to right-hand driving.
  • If you’re traveling with little ones, ensure your rental car is equipped with the appropriate child seats for kids aged 0 to 5. 

There! Now, you’re all set to hit the road. 

With that, fasten your seatbelts and let’s explore the scenic beauty of Japan together!

Scenic Drives Near Osaka, Japan: Coastal Routes and Mountain Views

One of the most scenic drives near Osaka, Japan that offers stunning views of Mount Fuji is the journey around Lake Biwa. As you drive through its roads, you’re set to enjoy the changing reflections of the mountains and sky on the lake’s surface. If you’re lucky, the majestic Mount Fuji would be visible on clear days, creating a perfect backdrop for awe-inspiring photos. 

Along the route, you can likewise explore charming lakeside towns, sample local cuisine, and stop at ancient shrines and temples that dot the shoreline.

Another incredible route is the drive towards the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) at the northern base of Mount Fuji. Though a bit further from Osaka, this area provides some of the most stunning views of Mount Fuji, especially from Lake Kawaguchi. Don’t forget to make a quick stop to marvel at the reflection of the mountains on the water and soak in the vistas.

In addition, you can take a slight detour to the Nihondaira Plateau. Here, you can enjoy expansive views of Mount Fuji with the lush greenery of tea fields in the foreground, a scene that’s quintessentially Japanese. You might also want to grab a matcha to-go in one of the local cafes you’ll see along the way for a truly refreshing road trip.

Protip: For a stay with views of Mount Fuji, the Fuji Speedway Hotel in Shizuoka is a Grade-A choice. Aside from the breathtaking view, the hotel is beloved for its impeccable service, elegant design, and tranquil atmosphere. Guests particularly enjoy the sophisticated dining options that offer a taste of local and international cuisine while overlooking the stunning scenery.

Scenic Drives Near Osaka, Japan: Historical Pathways and Cultural Landmarks

Once you’ve soaked up the coastal vistas and mountain views, let’s go shift gears towards the rich cultural tapestry that defines the scenic drives around Osaka, Japan.

After spending the night in Fuji Speedway Hotel, continue exploring Shizuoka where historic sites seamlessly blend with natural beauty. Here, you’ll also see tea plantations and the revered Kunozan Toshogu Shrine. It’s also here where the history of the samurai comes alive amidst views of Mount Fuji, providing a scenic backdrop that enhances the experience.

Next to Shizuoka, consider venturing further along the historic Tokaido road, which has connected Tokyo and Kyoto since ancient times. This legendary route offers a drive through a living museum of Japan’s cultural heritage. 

After driving for a while, you may want to stop and relax in Hakone, a town known for its hot springs and stunning views of Mount Fuji. Furthermore, the Hakone Open-Air Museum is also a must-visit with its interesting sculptures and impressive collections of work by Picasso. Set out over the hills, it offers a spacious and dramatic setting for you to leisurely enjoy art—truly a great spot to end a scenic drive from Osaka, Japan.

Protip: For a truly authentic experience in Hakone, consider staying in a traditional ryokan, especially if you’re a fan of tatami rooms, futon beds, and Japanese-style baths.

Green tea plantations near Osaka, Japan with Mount Fuji in the background
Green tea plantations near Osaka, Japan with Mount Fuji in the background

Plan the Ultimate Road Trip in Osaka with ThisCityKnows

Indeed, these scenic drives near Osaka, Japan, are genuine adventures that reveal the breathtaking diversity of Japan’s landscapes. From the panoramic ocean vistas around Lake Biwa to the historic paths leading to cultural landmarks, each route offers its own unique set of vistas and experiences.

As you hit the open road, ThisCityKnows is here to help you plan your next adventure with ease.

Whether it’s discovering hidden gems along ancient roadways or simply enjoying the majestic views of Mount Fuji, we’re here to equip and inspire fellow travelers to go out and explore.

Have you explored these scenic drives around Osaka? We’d love to hear about your favorite spots and experiences! And if you’re looking for other destinations to visit, stay tuned to ThisCityKnows for more expert tips and guides.

So buckle up and start your engines—adventure awaits on the road in Osaka!

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