The 5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Summer in Rhodes, Greece

Here, the sun shines as instantly as love burns. Be it with a drink in hand or with your feet in the sand, these awesome things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece, promise unforgettable moments of romance and relaxation!

Couple on a yacht at sunset.

Not many people know that the island of Rhodes emerged from a tale of divine love.

Story time!

Based on Greek mythology, the island was named after the nymph Rhodes, whom the sun god Helios truly adored. 

Today, it’s a place where romance and sunshine intertwine, and these romantic things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece will show you exactly what we mean:

1. Coastal Encounters

The tranquil island of Chalki is a gem waiting to be discovered by those who venture there by private boat. The secluded beaches and quaint villages are perfect for heartfelt conversations and quiet strolls. If you head to Chalki in the afternoon, you can even close your day with a drink against a stunning sunset. 

2. Culinary Delights

Amid the historical backdrop of Rhodes Old Town, romantic dining options abound. If you’re craving something authentic, go for a rooftop restaurant where the city’s medieval architecture complements a menu filled with local delicacies. 

And for a truly bespoke experience, a private chef can surely curate a candlelit meal, tailored to your tastes, right under the stars. After all, culinary adventures like these are certified highlights for food-loving couples looking for things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece.

A romantic beach dinner in Rhodes, Greece.

3. Cozy Retreats

If you’re the kind of couple who would rather stay in than explore the top things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece, the villas of Ixia will provide cozy yet scenic retreats. What’s more, many of these properties feature private pools overlooking the landscapes of Rhodes. 

But the best part? These private pools are perfectly designed for couples, allowing them to enjoy the weather and scenery in complete privacy.

4. Calming Moments

Now for couples seeking a restorative summer escape, Rhodes likewise presents a wealth of tranquil experiences. For starters, the island’s renowned resorts offer therapeutic spa treatments designed to soothe and rejuvenate, providing the perfect opportunity to deepen the bond between partners

Alternatively, the historic Kallithea Springs offers a scenic setting for couples to relax in waters with healing properties. 

Couple dining outdoors at their villa.

5. Classic Romance

And lastly, there’s simply no shutting down a true classic: the quintessential romantic sunset walk. With the weather turning colder at the day’s close, this is perhaps one of the most practical things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece. 

We recommend you head over to Lindos Beach and walk along a sparkling shore. Better yet, why not end a day of wine-tasting at Rhodes’ many vineyards with a stroll and a drink?

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Be it coastal exploration or intimate dinners, the Aegean is definitely the ideal backdrop for your summer romance. And these things to do in summer in Rhodes, Greece, prove that, sometimes, love is the perfect bridge between adventure and scenic beauty. 

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