Fun Things To Do In Summer In Courchevel, France

From kayaking at Lac de la Rosiere to biking through Col de la Loze, this is your quick guide to all the fun things to do in summer in Courchevel, France!

A person kayaking at Lac de la Rosière in Courchevel during summer
A person kayaking at Lac de la Rosière in Courchevel during summer

Though many might know Courchevel as one of Europe’s premier ski resorts, its beauty goes beyond just being a winter wonderland. As the snow melts and flowers bloom, the allure of summer in Courchevel truly unfolds. From adrenaline-pumping mountain sports to serene artistic encounters, there’s definitely an abundance of awesome things to do in summer in Courchevel, France.

Curious to know what makes summer here as fascinating as its winter? Let’s peel back the layers of this seasonal transformation and discover how the region truly shines under the sun!

Outdoor Things To Do in Summer in Courchevel, France

As summer unfolds, Courchevel transforms into a colorful playground that’s bursting with thrilling activities under the Alpine sun. Whether you’re soaring across water or pedaling up mountains, every moment here spells excitement.

Let’s start this list of things to do in summer in Courchevel with something laid-back, such as kayaking at Lac de la Rosière. As you glide across crystal-clear waters, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush forests and dramatic peaks. Don’t forget to snap a photo once you’ve reached the iconic footbridge!

Next, let’s shift gears and bike through Col de la Loze. After all, this route promises breathtaking views and thrilling rides, perfect for both casual cyclists and seasoned mountain bikers. You will certainly feel the rush as you navigate this famous pass, an absolute must-do for any cycling enthusiast visiting Courchevel.

Meanwhile, the trails around Courchevel are likewise a dream for hiking enthusiasts. If you’re up for some challenge, proceed to the Dent du Villard route. As you pass by stunning vistas and peaceful alpine meadows, you might not notice that you’ve already reached the summit. 

Fancy a bit of altitude without the exertion? Then take a scenic flight around Mont Blanc. This aerial tour provides a unique perspective of the Alps, showcasing their grandeur from above. It’s an unforgettable experience that will elevate your summer vacation, both literally and figuratively.

Where to stay: After a day of outdoor pursuits, consider staying in one of Courchevel’s charming chalets in Le Praz. This area offers easy access to both Lac de la Rosière and Col de la Loze, making it an ideal base for those keen to explore the great outdoors. Plus, the cozy atmosphere of Le Praz provides the perfect setting to unwind after an action-packed day!

Cultural Things To Do in Summer in Courchevel, France

Now as the sun sets high in Courchevel’s skies, its cultural scene takes center stage with a palette of experiences. 

Here are some awesome things to do in Courchevel that’ll enrich your summer (of course, with a touch of Alpine tradition and contemporary flair)!

Start your journey with a bang by witnessing the Festival Pyrotechnique. This dazzling event lights up summer nights with awe-inspiring fireworks that dance to the rhythm of infectious music. More than just a display, this event is a grand spectacle where art meets technology, set against the dramatic mountain backdrop of Courchevel.

For a deeper dive into history, why not take a guided tour of the traditional Alpine architecture in nearby villages? These tours offer insights into the structural designs that have withstood the test of time and continue to charm visitors with their rustic beauty.

Of course, this list of top cultural things to do in summer in Courchevel won’t be complete without a visit to the local artisan markets. Here, you can find handcrafted goods ranging from bespoke jewelry to handmade soaps. Each piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship, perfect for taking a piece of Courchevel home with you.

Finally, let’s wrap up your cultural exploration with an evening at a classical music concert held in the historic Saint-Bon Church. The acoustics here are phenomenal, and the music resonates through the ancient walls. Such a phenomenon creates a soul-stirring experience that truly connects you deeper to the heritage of the Alps.

Where to Stay: To fully embrace the cultural vibes of Courchevel, consider staying at Les Trois Vallées. Located in the heart of Courchevel 1850, this boutique hotel is not only central but also steeped in history, offering easy access to all cultural events and activities. 

Two people with trekking bags gazing at the French Alps in Courchevel
Two people with trekking bags gazing at the French Alps in Courchevel

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Without a doubt, Courchevel presents the perfect blend of adrenaline and tranquility during the summer. Whether you’re soaring down a mountain bike trail or soaking in the cultural riches, the memories you’ll create here are sure to last a lifetime. 

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