Things to Know Before You Go to Palmetto Dunes: A First-Timer’s Guide

Visiting Palmetto Dunes for the very first time? Worry not! Here, we’ve detailed the things to know before you go as a newbie.

Children biking through sandy trails at sunset in Palmetto Dunes

Did you know that during the Civil War, Hilton Head Island, home to the now bustling Palmetto Dunes, served as a refuge for freed slaves? Today, this blend of deep-rooted history and modern-day luxury makes Palmetto Dunes an ideal destination for any traveler. 

With that, this guide aims to equip first-time visitors with the essential things to know before you go to Palmetto Dunes, ensuring your trip is as thrilling as it is seamless!

Pack Your Bags and Set the Date

When planning your first visit, timing and packing are the top things to know before you go to Palmetto Dunes. 

For starters, the best times to visit would be during the shoulder seasons—spring and fall, when the weather is mild, and the resort is less crowded. These months also allow you to fully enjoy the outdoor activities available without the intense summer heat or the chill of winter

With this in mind, your packing list should definitely include comfortable attire suitable for both land and water activities. Bring your go-to pair of walking shoes, essential beach gear, and appropriate outfits for golf or tennis, while you’re at it, because you’ll probably need them.

Given Palmetto Dunes’ coastal climate, it’s also wise to pack a light jacket for breezy evenings, and sun protection for daytime activities. Palmetto Dunes is, of course, a place of casual elegance, so preparing a sleek outfit for a fancy dinner or a spontaneous visit to a local art gallery would also be great.

With your suitcase ready and the perfect travel dates marked, let’s find you the ultimate home away from home in Palmetto Dunes!

Choose Your Perfect Stay

One of the key things to know before you go to Palmetto Dunes is where to stay. After all, this destination will surely beckon you to stay for at least for a weekend or more. 

So if you’re in the mood for some splurging, remember that the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort offers luxurious rooms with stunning ocean views. Not to mention, the resort is just a stone’s throw from the popular Robert Trent Jones Oceanfront Golf Course

However, for a stay that feels like home, a variety of vacation rentals in Palmetto Dunes also cater to families and larger groups, all still within reach of the resort’s key attractions.

A couple walking on a beach at sunset in Palmetto Dunes

Furthermore, culinary delights are another integral part of your Palmetto Dunes adventure. Indulge in a fine dining experience at Alexander’s Restaurant & Wine Bar, known for its exquisite seafood and wine selection. And for a more laid-back setting, The Dunes House offers delightful beachfront meals that allow you to enjoy the sunset as you dine.

Now that you’re settled in, let’s explore the multitude of activities that make Palmetto Dunes a memorable destination.

Dive into Adventure

Encompassing three miles of beach access and 2000 acres of natural beauty, Palmetto Dunes is an absolute playground for the active soul. 

For instance, golfers can revel in the beauty and challenge of three championship golf courses, each offering unique landscapes and tests of skill. And if you prefer racquets over clubs, the Palmetto Dunes Tennis & Pickleball Center is definitely your go-to for some friendly competition and skill-building in a vibrant atmosphere.

Now those looking for more unique experiences, why not explore the 11-mile lagoon by kayak or stand-up paddleboard? Or wander beyond the waters, and opt for bike rentals available nearby so you could explore scenic trails that wind throughout the island. After all, engaging in these activities not only enriches your stay but also connects you deeper with the natural beauty of Palmetto Dunes.

Then after your day of exploration, we suggest you take a moment to truly appreciate the cultural fabric that weaves through this beloved destination.

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Armed with these things to know before you go to Palmetto Dunes, you’re now ready to embark on a journey filled with discovery and relaxation. From historical sites that echo the tales of yore to modern amenities that pamper and please, Palmetto Dunes offers a unique blend that can only be fully appreciated firsthand—first time or not!

Let ThisCityKnows guide your steps to not just travel, but to experience, engage, and enjoy. 
Start planning today, and step into a story that awaits in Palmetto Dunes!

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