The Only 5 Things to Know Before You Go to Rhodes, Greece

You can always over-prep for a trip, but these things to know before you go to Rhodes, Greece, are definitely the only essentials you’ll need.

Medieval streets in Rhodes, Greece.

Planning a trip to Greece (or the “cradle of Western civilization” to most), may feel overwhelming with much to consider—from local customs to gastronomy. 

However, the most essential things to know before you go to Rhodes, Greece, can really be reduced to just a few vital points. After all, wouldn’t you want to leave room for some delightful surprises along the way? 

1. Any season is a good season

Perhaps one of the most pertinent things to know before you go to Rhodes, Greece, is when to visit. And since Rhodes boasts a warm climate that extends well into fall, the first three quarters make it perfect for those who wish to escape the colder months elsewhere. 

DO note that the official tourist season ends on October 31st. However, the island remains vibrant and accessible year round. During winter, you can still enjoy a more authentic atmosphere with fewer tourists, and at lower costs. Festivals and events still take place during this time, but you may want to skip December, the wettest month in Rhodes, if you think it will get in the way of your adventures.

And whenever you decide to fly in, the essentials you pack can make or break your trip. Sunscreen and a hat go a long way in the summer and an umbrella is a must-bring during the winter months.

2. A wishlist and a plan will save you from stress

Rhodes is a mosaic of historical sites, natural beauty, and relaxing beaches. Realistically, you can see, do, and experience it all. But, of course, a weekend will not be enough time.

We suggest you get started on what you truly want to explore—be it the ancient ruins of an acropolis, preserved medieval towns, or the sandy shores of Faliraki Beach. Think about what you need most from your vacation, too. Is it to relax by the sea? A visual detox with mountain views? Perhaps, a soul-enriching visit to Rhodes’ historical sites?

The main point is that planning ahead will help you maximize time, giving you the chance to discover Rhodes’s lesser-known treasures like secluded beaches and local eateries. 

Of course, nothing should stop you from spontaneous adventures, either. After all, they are an entirely different aspect of the top things to know before you go to Rhodes, Greece.

Greek shopkeeper in Rhodes.

3. Your accommodation is a destination in itself

For days when you just want to stay in than rush between one attraction and the next, you’ll certainly need the right home-away-from-home. Where you stay can help you immerse in local culture, be it through the hosts or because of the stay’s proximity to town centers. 

Do note that accommodations in Rhodes vary significantly between seasons. In the offseason, fewer hotels are available, but the rates are more economical. Given that, booking in advance is always crucial, especially during the busy summer months, to secure the best deals and locations that suit your travel itinerary. 

Now consider staying in locally owned guesthouses, like the Koukos Rhodian Guesthouse, or boutique hotels, like this one in Old Town, to get a better taste of the Greek lifestyle while supporting local businesses altogether.

4. Knowing how to get around is half the itinerary done

While driving in Greece may be a bit challenging due to unique local conditions, it can offer you much freedom to discover the island at your own pace. So if you’re a bit navigationally challenged, it’s best to simply rely on public transport.

And when in public, learning basic Greek phrases and understanding local customs can give you the chance to meet new people. The customary morning greeting, “Kalimera,” or “Yia su” for hello will definitely enhance your interactions and show locals your respect for their culture. Be sure to throw in an occasional “Efharisto” (thank you) or “Parakalo” (please or you’re welcome) while you’re at it.

A secluded beach in Rhodes, Greece.

5. Greeks take pride in their culture and cuisine

That’s to say, if your host invites you for a meal, it’s best you never say “no”. After all, Greeks are enormously generous, so meet them halfway by accepting their gifts graciously. Come to think of it, opening your mind to items on the menu that you can’t even pronounce may lead you to fresh and delicious discoveries! 

Out and about, explore historic sites thoughtfully. Dress and carry yourself properly when visiting religious sites. All in all, the most basic things to know before you go to Rhodes, Greece, boils down to being a decent human being. Not that hard, no? We sure hope not!

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