Scenic Wedding Venues in Rhodes, Greece: Our Top 5 Picks

With seas, sunsets, and scenic balconies, these wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, will make your special day look like it was plucked straight out of a fairytale!

A cliffside wedding ceremony in Rhodes.

Did you know that the Greeks believe that inviting an odd number of guests to a wedding brings good luck, as odd numbers cannot be divided?

However, when it comes to planning your ceremony, there are surely bigger things to consider, and the odds of choosing the perfect venue can be quite tricky. Of course, an exchange of vows should be nothing short of spectacular, and how your chosen setting reflects the beauty of the Aegean can be quite crucial. 

That said, here are our top picks for wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, each offering a perfect setting for when you say: ‘I do”:

1. Lindian Village Beach Resort

Located in Kiotari, the Lindian Village Beach Resort certainly stands out among our picks of top wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, for its idyllic beachfront settings. Perfect for couples dreaming of a beach ceremony, it provides a spectacular seascape and luxurious accommodations, ensuring a wedding day as seamless as it is picturesque. 

The resort’s dedicated wedding planners can certainly assist you with every detail—from venue decor to coordinating day-of logistics. In other words, it’s easy to ensure your every moment here reflects your personal style and preferences.

From beachfronts to the breathtaking, next up is Kalithea Spa, a venue that marries historic charm with modern elegance.

2. Kalithea Spa

Renowned as one of the most historic wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, Kalithea Spa combines architectural grandeur with lush gardens. Its renovation has preserved the glamor of the 1920s while incorporating modern luxuries, making it ideal for those who appreciate both history and contemporary comfort. 

Imagine exchanging vows under its famed dome, surrounded by intricate mosaics. Talk about a truly cinematic wedding experience! Of course, the venue also offers the exclusive use of the spa for wedding parties, providing you a private, luxurious environment on your special day.

As we leave this architectural marvel behind, let’s now move to Lindos Memories Resort, a place where privacy and picturesque settings create the perfect wedding whispers.

Airy domed structure of a spa.

3. Lindos Memories Resort

Still on the shores of Lindos, the Lindos Memories Resort offers a fairy-tale ambiance. Its intimate setting ensures hopeful couples the privacy and exclusivity they need, only with the endless blue of the Aegean Sea serving as their backdrop. 

That’s because the resort specializes in bespoke wedding services—from exquisite dining to exceptional accommodations. Each ceremony and reception here is uniquely personal, too! 

Wedding guests can enjoy special rates on rooms and access to the resort’s amenities, making for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Now for those who fancy a blend of tradition and luxury, the Sheraton Rhodes Resort awaits to elevate your nuptials with its sophisticated allure!

4. Sheraton Rhodes Resort

Among the top wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, the Sheraton Rhodes Resort is top of mind when it comes to providing you with some elegant details. Its private terrace, for one, overlooks the Aegean, setting a magnificent stage for both ceremonies and receptions. 

Known for its impeccable service, the resort also ensures every aspect of your wedding day is handled with care and sophistication—from luxurious guest rooms for your attendees to gourmet culinary offerings. Not to mention how the resort features several smaller venues for more intimate gatherings, allowing you a range of wedding sizes and styles to choose from.

Last but definitely not least, the Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort presents a grand finale to our venue showcase, where extravagance meets exclusivity for your big day!

Newlyweds in Rhodes, Greece.

5. Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort

Among the many premier wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, the Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort offers true exclusivity and splendor. Its variety of venues, including a private terrace and chic ballrooms, definitely cater to both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. 

The resort, after all, prides itself on creating a magical atmosphere, complete with personalized services that range from spa treatments for the bridal party to custom menu planning. And for those desiring a truly luxurious experience, the resort also offers a VIP package that includes helicopter transfers and designer floral arrangements.

Now as we conclude our tour of Rhodes’ most enchanting wedding venues, it’s clear that each location promises not just a setting, but a story—a picturesque beginning to your happily ever after. 

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Whichever of these wedding venues in Rhodes, Greece, you choose, remember: what will truly make a setting magical is your love and commitment to one another on your special day.

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