What Makes Rhodes, Greece, Unique: 5 Places You Won’t See Elsewhere

With streets trodden by medieval knights and a valley that’s home to thousands of butterflies, what makes Rhodes, Greece, unique can really only be discovered on foot.

Butterflies during mating season.

Anyone who’s ever been to Rhodes will understand us when we say: “it’s a world of its own.” 

Take the ‘Valley of the Butterflies’, or Petaloudes, for instance. Its unique ecosystem is home to the only natural forest of Oriental Sweetgum trees. Not to mention, a visit here between late May and August guarantees you the magical sight of thousands of butterflies during their mating season. 

Of course, Petaloudes is just one answer to what makes Rhodes, Greece, unique. 

Here are five more:

1. Acropolis of Lindos

The Acropolis of Lindos is a true testament to what makes Rhodes, Greece, unique. Dating back to the 5th century BC, this site houses the majestic Temple of Athena Lindia and an ancient Hellenistic gateway, offering panoramic views that span across turquoise waters and rugged landscapes. 

The climb to the top can be steep and challenging, so wearing comfortable shoes is highly recommended. Visitors are also advised to arrive early to avoid the midday sun and crowds for a truly serene exploration of ancient history.

And from the heights of ancient temples, we next descend into the realms of knights and myths at the Palace of the Grand Master, where every mosaic tells a story.

2. Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

In the heart of Rhodes Town stands the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. This 14th-century fortress now serves as a museum, adorned with intricate mosaics that tell tales from Greek mythology, each room narrating a different story. It’s open daily, with guided tours available to enrich your understanding of medieval Rhodes

However, photography inside the palace is restricted, so your visit is the perfect opportunity to literally be present and in the moment.

Filerimos at night.

3. Old Town of Rhodes

Medieval architecture is the thick of what makes Rhodes, Greece, unique, and the Old Town of Rhodes proves it. After all, this living museum is encircled by robust walls, with structural details from various eras. Cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways, and hidden courtyards likewise take you back to the 1300s, when the Knights Hospitaller ruled Rhodes. 

We recommend you visit around sunset or early evening to see the site transformed by night markets and special events

Leaving behind the bustle of medieval markets, let’s next find serenity at Seven Springs, a verdant retreat that offers a cool respite from the Grecian sun.

4. Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

‘Seven Springs,’ or Epta Piges, is a true oasis that features streams flowing through a lush forest, culminating in a small lake. Accessible via a network of trails and an intriguing tunnel, it provides a tranquil and refreshing break from the island’s beach scene

The area is also particularly refreshing during the hot summer months, and the shaded paths are ideal for families. During these months, picnic areas are likewise available, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely lunch amidst nature.

Finally, let’s ascend to Filerimos Mountain, where history and panoramic vistas blend, offering a heavenly perspective of what makes Rhodes truly unique.

Facade of a medieval palace in Rhodes.

5. Filerimos

Filerimos Mountain lets you journey back in time and is definitely another key piece to what makes Rhodes, Greece, unique.

Once the site of a Byzantine monastery, it offers today’s visitors a chance to explore ancient ruins, including a temple dedicated to Athena and a Byzantine church. The 360-degree views from the summit alone provide a breathtaking perspective of the island, making it a peaceful haven for reflection and admiration of the landscape. 

A paved pathway, known as the ‘Way of the Cross,’ also leads visitors to an impressive cross at the mountain’s peak, ideal for panoramic photos.

Now as we wrap up our tour of Rhodes’ hidden gems and historical marvels, it’s all clear that the island can offer much more than just sun-soaked shores. Discover them with some help from ThisCityKnows!

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