Top Places to Go Swimming in Palmetto Dunes, USA, for Every Visitor

Time for a splash! Dive into our guide on the places to go swimming in Palmetto Dunes! From romantic retreats to family fun, find it all here.

The sun rises over a resort-style pool in Palmetto Dunes ideal for visitors looking for luxurious places to go swimming
The sun rises over a resort-style pool in Palmetto Dunes ideal for visitors looking for luxurious places to go swimming

With three miles of sandy beaches, the waters in Palmetto Dunes are as welcoming as the tropical sun. This guide to the top places to go swimming in Palmetto Dunes covers spots from serene beaches to nearby attractions, tailored for different types of travelers. 

And whether you’re seeking a quiet getaway or a family-friendly water retreat, ThisCityKnows has your perfect swim spot right here!


From the beaches to your beach towel, let’s dive into where you can find the perfect splash of serenity or family fun right in the heart of Palmetto Dunes.

Palmetto Dunes Coast: A Beach Lover’s Paradise

The beaches of Palmetto Dunes are renowned for its calm waters and soft, inviting sands, making it a prime location for all kinds of travelers seeking peace and relaxation. 

But just how relaxing is Palmetto Dunes?

For starters, the beachfront provides a tranquil atmosphere where you can unwind. You can also engage in gentle water activities like paddleboarding or kayaking here. At night, you can build a campfire under the stars or go stargazing. These simple moments can turn into truly unforgettable memories!

Nearby, The Dunes House is perfect for a romantic meal or a quiet dinner solo. And for exquisite stays, consider the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort or choose one of the beachfront vacation rentals. Without a doubt, these will offer you easy access to places to go swimming in Palmetto Dunes and luxurious amenities to enhance your stay.

Prefer something modern?

From sandy beaches to the clear blue pools, let’s wade over to the luxurious water retreats offered by the local villa complexes.

Pool Options: Resort-Style Swimming in Villa Complexes

For those who prefer poolside relaxation, and no sand between toes, Palmetto Dunes boasts several villa complexes with luxurious resort-style pools. 

In particular, the Windsor Place, Hampton Place, Captains Walk & Cove, and Barrington Complex each offer a variety of vacation rentals with access to beautifully maintained pools, perfect for families or groups. Each complex features pools suitable for leisurely swimming or sunbathing. 

Should you need to do a bit of shopping for a poolside picnic, the Palmetto Dunes General Store provides refreshments and snacks, making it easy to spend the entire day poolside. And for dining options, Alexander’s Restaurant is just within reach to satisfy your cravings.

Then after you’ve dipped your toes in the water, it’s high time you explore the amenities that make Palmetto Dunes a splash hit for every visitor!

A sunset view with a gentle wave at a beach in Palmetto Dunes highlighting serene places to go swimming
A sunset view with a gentle wave at a beach in Palmetto Dunes highlighting serene places to go swimming

More than Swimming: Amenities and Attractions Nearby

After enjoying the refreshing waters at the best places to go swimming in Palmetto Dunes, visitors likewise have a variety of nearby amenities and attractions to enhance their stay. 

  • For gear and equipment rentals near the beach, Hilton Head Outfitters & Bike Rentals is the go-to spot. Conveniently located near popular beach areas, they provide everything from bike rentals to beach gear. You will surely have all you need for a day by the sea! 
  • Beyond the beach, visitors can tee off at the George Fazio Golf Course. It is known for its challenging layout and scenic vistas. 
  • Nature enthusiasts might enjoy a peaceful walk along the Palmetto Dunes Nature Trail. It is perfect for spotting local wildlife and enjoying the island’s natural beauty. 
  • For those who love shopping, the Shelter Cove Towne Centre has a range of shops. Featuring local goods and souvenirs, you can pick up a reminder of your Hilton Head escape.

With all these swimming spots and other local delights to explore, any kind of visitor won’t run out of things to do in Palmetto Dunes—no matter the season!

Spot All the Places to Go Swimming in Palmetto Dunes with ThisCityKnows!

From the peaceful shores to the luxurious pools within villa complexes, places to go swimming in Palmetto Dunes cater to every preference and lifestyle. Each location not only provides fantastic swimming options but also proximity to excellent dining, comfortable lodging, and additional attractions, ensuring a rounded and enjoyable visit.

With ThisCityKnows, discover the beauty of Palmetto Dunes. Explore, swim, and relax—every water encounter promises a splash of adventure!

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