Where to Travel in Europe: Places to Go and See Through the Seasons

Seeking the perfect Eurotrip? Our guide maps out where to travel in Europe across all four seasons, blending insights and whimsy.

Vibrant tulip fields in bloom in the Netherlands, where to travel in Europe for spring's colorful displays
Vibrant tulip fields in bloom in the Netherlands, where to travel in Europe for spring’s colorful displays

Europe’s Seasonal Splendors

Is traveling to Europe on your bucket list? You’re certainly not alone, with millions of tourists applying for Schengen visa each year. Perhaps, that’s because Europe’s appeal shifts with the seasons, offering distinct experiences that cater to every traveler’s dream. This time, Europe invites you on a journey through its ever-changing landscapes and traditions, from the tulip fields in the Netherlands to the sun-soaked beaches of the Greek islands and the festive lights of Prague in winter. 

As we look into the seasonal highlights from the blooming spring to the winter wonderlands, this blog post from This City Knows, is your ultimate companion. In our dedication to help travelers uncover the best of Europe, we bring you insider tips on where to travel in Europe, from hidden gems to iconic landmarks. Our insights and recommendations are designed to ensure your journey is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Join us as we reveal the seasonal beauties of this continent, ensuring you know exactly where to go and what to see, making the most of your Eurotrip.

Spring in Europe – Rebirth and Festivities

Wondering what the spring in Europe looks like? It’s as if the continent is throwing a massive party, and you’re invited. From tulip fields to mysterious masquerades, it’s a season that’s alive with color and energy.

The Netherlands: A Floral Paradise

As spring unfurls, the Netherlands bursts into a spectrum of colors, thanks to its world-renowned tulip season. Cycling through the countryside becomes an otherworldly experience with rows upon rows of dazzling blooms. Nestled among these colorful fields, The Tulip Barn in Hillegom is a must-visit, with breathtaking views of the floral landscape perfect for that Insta-worthy shot.

Italy: Venice’s Carnival Extravaganza

Venice’s Carnival is a world-renowned spectacle, tracing back to the 11th century, designed to uphold the tradition of anonymity and freedom. It’s all about stunning masks and elaborate costumes, allowing both locals and visitors to blend into an extravagant, mysterious crowd. 

While there, don’t miss the traditional Volo dell’Angelo or ‘Flight of the Angel,’ a thrilling highlight where an acrobat or a notable guest ziplines from St. Mark’s Campanile down to the square.

Heading over to spring in Europe,you’ll witness a celebration of life. Whether it’s the Netherlands’ floral wonders or Venice’s historic festivities, the essence of the season is truly captured in the beauty of nature and the charm of tradition.

Sunset over Santorini, iconic destination on where to travel in Europe list for island beauty
Sunset over Santorini, iconic destination on where to travel in Europe list for island beauty

Summer in Europe – Sun, Sea, and Cultural Extravaganzas

Summer in Europe is all about soaking up the sun, diving into azure waters, and getting lost in the beat of world-famous festivals. If you’re chasing the perfect blend of beach vibes and cultural fiestas, we’ve got the scoop on where to head.

Greek Islands: A Beach Paradise

First up, the Greek islands are your go-to for crystal-clear waters and postcard-worthy sunsets. Santorini is famed for its sunset views from Oia, while Mykonos pulses with beachside parties. Don’t miss exploring the ancient ruins on Delos or the hidden coves, which are accessible only by boat, for an authentic island experience!

Ibiza: The Party Hotspot

Next, jet off to Ibiza if dance floors and DJ sets are more your jam. Beyond its legendary nightclubs, Ibiza also boasts secluded bays and family-friendly beaches. Check out some tranquil retreats like the quiet village of San Miquel and the pristine waters of Cala Comte. You can also explore the UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila for a touch of history amidst your party itinerary.

French Riviera: Glamour and Sunshine

For a dose of glamor, the French Riviera is unparalleled. Lounge on the beaches of Nice or mingle with the stars in Cannes. 

Insider tip: Visit the artists’ haven of Saint-Paul-de-Vence for breathtaking views and a taste of local art and culture.

Festival Fun

Not to forget, summer in Europe is packed with festivals. Dive into the arts at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe or feel the electric energy of Tomorrowland in Belgium. These events are the soul of summer, offering endless entertainment and memories.

Summer in Europe is an epic tale of sun, sea, and sounds. Whether lounging on the beaches of the Greek islands, partying in Ibiza, or soaking up the French Riviera’s elegance, there’s a slice of paradise for every traveler.

Couple enjoys wine in Tuscany, exploring where to travel in Europe for romance and vineyards
Couple enjoys wine in Tuscany, exploring where to travel in Europe for romance and vineyards

Autumn in Europe – Nature’s Palette and Harvest Celebrations

Autumn in Europe often presents a painting where the landscapes blaze with fiery hues and the air is crisp with the scent of harvest. Wondering where to travel in Europe for an autumnal spectacle? 

Here’s where to catch the continent’s palette of reds, golds, and ambers:

Black Forest: Fairy-Tale Vistas

Germany’s Black Forest is another autumn marvel, where the dense canopy transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s perfect for those who love a good wander through misty woods and quaint villages. Don’t miss the opportunity to hike through the trails or visit the charming Cuckoo Clock shops in Triberg, a nod to the region’s rich heritage.

Tuscany: A Feast for the Senses

Tuscany in autumn is a canvas of rich colors, with harvest season bringing a bounty of flavors to its vineyards and olive groves. The Val d’Orcia offers breathtaking views, perfect for those scenic drives. Wine enthusiasts should not miss the wine tastings offered by local vineyards, offering a true taste of the region’s culture.

City Breaks with an Autumnal Twist

Prague and Munich shine in autumn, offering city breaks with a seasonal twist. Prague’s historic streets are a vision under a canopy of golden leaves, so don’t miss a walk across the Charles Bridge for iconic views. Meanwhile, Munich comes alive with Oktoberfest— the world’s largest beer festival with origins in Bavarian culture, wherein traditional foods, music, and, of course, beer, take centerstage everywhere!

Autumn in Europe is a season of unparalleled beauty. It’s a time when nature and culture intertwine, offering travelers a rich tapestry of experiences. 

Snowy Alpine village, perfect for where to travel in Europe for winter wonderland escapes
Snowy Alpine village, perfect for where to travel in Europe for winter wonderland escapes

Winter in Europe – Snowy Wonders and Festive Lights

When winter rolls around, Europe transforms into a magical wonderland of snow, lights, and cozy vibes. The chill in the air is just an excuse to bundle up and experience the snowy wonders and festive lights that define the season. For those pondering where to travel in Europe for that quintessential winter magic, look no further.

Swiss Alps: A Skier’s Paradise

In the Swiss Alps, every turn reveals epic skiing and snowboarding scenes against a backdrop of dramatic peaks. Zermatt and Verbier stand out for their postcard-worthy views and lively après-ski scene. A must-do is night skiing under starlit skies, offering a thrilling twist to your alpine adventure.

Budapest: Warmth Amidst the Cold

Budapest’s thermal baths are a warm sanctuary amid the cold, with Széchenyi Baths offering a majestic setting for relaxation. Imagine steam rising from warm waters as snow gently falls around you, creating a serene yet invigorating experience. Don’t miss a night bath for an enchanting swim under the stars, blending relaxation with the magic of Hungarian winters.

Winter in Europe is also a time of enchantment, offering everything from adrenaline-pumping snow sports to the soothing warmth of thermal baths. Each destination brings its own flavor to the season, promising a winter holiday that’s both exhilarating and relaxing. Europe in winter is an absolute playground for the senses, just waiting to be explored!

Know Where to Travel in Europe with This City Knows

From the springtime fiestas in Venice to the golden autumn in Tuscany, and not forgetting the snowy escapes in the Swiss Alps, we’ve taken a whirlwind tour through the best spots to hit up in Europe, no matter the season. Sure, Europe’s a big place to wander off, but it’s also one that’s packed with unique vibes for every type of traveler, whether you’re into chilling on sunlit beaches or wrapping up for winter markets. 

But hey, knowing where to go is just part of the adventure. Getting the inside scoop on the best times to visit, local cuisine to try, or the coolest local events? That’s where This City Knows comes into play. We’re like your ever-reliable local pal who’s always got the lowdown on the must-visit spots. 

Ready to make your European travel fantasies come to life?

Hit up This City Knows and let’s start planning your journey into the heart of Europe’s most magical seasons!

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